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  1. RaptorSB

    Publish 9

    Oooo... So the quested Clone armor would be in there then. Nice. Well, I know I have toons on Basilisk and Hydian-Way. There's probably one or two other servers I have some on, just not sure what they are or if they're still around. lol
  2. RaptorSB

    Publish 9

    I'm trying to get back into playing, this and a server over on EQ Emu. Would love to have company on either or both.
  3. RaptorSB

    Possible builds?

    Considering the changes to the game, the old ones aren't going to work. Anyone know any to use, a place to go and find some? Should we start figuring some out and sharing here?
  4. RaptorSB

    Map Reset?

    Just wondering if we're going to start the map fresh with this new update? If we are, can we do a poll or something about mods?
  5. RaptorSB


    Just tried logging in and got this error and crash.
  6. RaptorSB

    so... uhm.. :P

    As far as I understood (based on in passing reading, so take with a grain of salt), JTL is still a year or so away. Long time to be waiting and not playing a game. lol I'm around, I have Danicka Darkstar (TK/Doc) and Cheever McFarlane (Crafter) started and going. Got work until about midnight EST but if anyone is around I'll probably be on trying to figure out how to get a mod or two to work.
  7. RaptorSB

    so... uhm.. :P

    I've just gotten back into playing (again), and would be up for getting into the guild on Basilisk if anyone else is still playing. As for city, no idea if we have one. Didn't know we had a presence here until I started looking for some macros. lol
  8. RaptorSB

    New CotP Modpack!

    The resource pack, Soartex Fanver, would probably be the best to use that you can get from the CurseVoice launcher. I use Sphaxx resource packs for almost all the mods that are covered. Lot of mods in this pack, so as I come across something that looks funky I'll add it in. Just takes a ton of extra time to load. lol
  9. RaptorSB

    New CotP Modpack!

    Wow, been a long time. Saw the pack while I was scrolling through and was surprised. Whitelist meh pls! IGN: RaptorSB
  10. RaptorSB

    Congratulation Paladin Ztuke

    Holy hannah, congrats Ztuke!
  11. RaptorSB

    Microsoft buys Mojang

    -faceplants- Good lord, Proud.
  12. RaptorSB

    Microsoft buys Mojang

    Well, to be honest, I think once Landmark (formerly known as Everquest Landmark) opens up from Beta, I think that Minecraft may start to falter a bit. If Microsoft keeps modding and plugins available without restrictions, that's going to be the only saving grace for Minecraft.
  13. See, the faction would be Revanites. You'd get your two force using classes and then two non-Force users... If they took even a little bit from the d20 table top, they'd easily be able to find the 4 classes needed. I know, I'm dreaming, but it's a nice dream!
  14. I want a third faction! And yes, I know what all would have to be put into making one, that doesn't mean it can't/won't happen... Right?