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    1. Coming back from the dead! 

      After a long long time inactive due to military duties (still serving btw). Ping pong, ding dong :)

    2. Happy Birthday JungleNor!

    3. Happy Birthday JungleNor!

    4. I'll test out Wildstar. But Star Citizen is starting to look amazing
    5. Happy Birthday JungleNor!

    6. Its not a content driven site, but more like a portal page. Nice for redirecting people to often used guild pages. So content are really limited to that. As i state "Clean and Simple"
    7. If no one is using my website. Then ill rewrite it and make it for my aviation class. Should i rewrite it? Yes/No
    8. Traning in Dogfight Modul.

    9. You have money, wait....what... CIG have your money now?... Jeepers your a crazy man -cya in the 'verse
    10. X360 controller and Mouse / keyboard so far. I like keyboard and mouse so far because of accurucy Gonna Learn to fly now. Trying to pull of a fancy manuver, but ending alot of with just craching in to a station or astroide... Even trying to draw the manuver before pulling it off. EDIT: doing joystick as well, I want a HOTAS, just because i want to test....
    11. Voted for it aswell EDIT: BTW Where is everyone? Mumble is soo empty in Star Citizen Chapter..... Awesome Xard:
    12. Tumblr Review I has now completed my review part 1. Feel free to read it.
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