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  1. My patch was just under 33mb's.
  2. http://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/discussion/66587/eso-maintenance-4-3 "We want all of you to know that everyone who was part of Early Access will be granted an extended grace period until Sunday at 8AM EDT/12PM (noon) GMT before being required to transition your account to live. This will cover those who purchased ESO from an online retailer and won't be getting your box shipped in time and also gives anyone in Early Access who purchased digitally more Early Access time."
  3. Not mostly crafting, however I enjoy an even balance between questing, exploring & crafting. Plan on having all my characters learn alchemy & enchanting to some degree, then depending on their class have them learn what they need for their armor & weapons. Between all my characters I want to master all the crafting eventually. Provisioning is an automatic thing for me. Beats store bought anyday.
  4. @odie1970 Not too sure on the pvp thing though. I've always avoided it. However I have decided to try the starter quest for Cyrodil that they have set up once I get to that level. Will see how it goes.
  5. Just wanted to send out a quick hello to everyone. A good friend of mine said this could be a good place for me to start in my first real guild. From what I can see so far, he is not wrong. Looking forward to meeting you here and in game, please forgive my shyness at times, I can take awhile to get my foot out of my mouth to talk...
  6. Welcome to the forums habitant10 :)

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