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    Role-Playing Games of both the video and pen-and-paper variety. Victorian novels. Crime procedurals. Anime - ninja, samurai, slice-of-life, sport. BBC's Sherlock. Horror movies (of the supernatural sort, not the slasher type).
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  1. I've returned after a summer break. I'm playing Aldermeri Dominion (AD). I have v15 Templar, lv 26 Sorcerer, and a lv 6 Dragonknight. So if you're new and one someone to do quests with, feel free to msg me in game. @Lead82.
  2. Wow! I had no idea I was even nominated for any of these. Thank you to anyone and everyone who voted for me. I hope to get through Upper Craglorgn dungeons and quests so I can find Nirnhoned items to continue developing as a crafter. I'm also working on getting some particular dropped item sets to increase my abilities as a tank.
  3. I tend to play on weekends. Morning from 8-12 pm central. Depending on my schedule, I'll be on Saturday nights, but often I'm doing PVP with another guild at that time. I can be on weeknights if we have a plan to do things. I did Wayrest Sewer Vet 14 with some guys in like an 30-40 minutes. If you have a solid group and folks know the dungeons you can do things pretty quickly.
  4. As of last night, all the low level food stuffs I took have been converted by the patch to new items. None of these items are used in new provisioning system. However, many of them are now worth 10 gp each. Liquid, what do we want to do with these items? Sell them and put the gold in the guild bank or sell them and buy a bunch of food stuffs to add to the bank so crafters working on provisioning can withdraw them and level provisioning? Example: we have 1000 gp worth of broth.
  5. It appears that Patch 1.6 is coming in early March. Like maybe tomorrow Monday March 2nd. Soooooo......I'm going ahead with my plan. I stopped myself from crafting a ton of level 1 foods. I found a list for ingredient conversion. Assuming it's accurate, not everything is going to be turned to old and some items are being changed entirely to new items. I guess my question is this: is it better to have low level foods crafted from foods that will go "old" and waiting in our bank or to sell the old ingredients? If getting ingredients will now involve stealing them from NPCs, it may be worthwhile to have a stock of ready to go foods at all levels as we rebuild our stores with ill-gotten ingredients.
  6. Hello, All. Update 6 will change all current provision items to old and they won't be useful for making food, so I'm planning on draining the Guild banks of every provision item and crafting every type of food I can, across as many levels as I can. I wanted to check with the Guild though to see if there are any objections to me doing this. Naturally, I would put all the foods I craft back into the Guild bank. I'm a level 50 Provisioner with Chef skills maxed out so I can make 3 extra servings. I do not have Gourmand to add time to the food I create because I felt volume was better than length and I don't want to give up 3 more skill points for 20 more minutes on my fish sticks. I'll wait until next Saturday before I take any action so folks have a week to voice their views.
  7. I wish I could use the crowns to buy dyes. Trying to get Dominion Fisher Yellow is killing me. It's so tedious fishing in Audrion hoping that I'll get that last foul water fish in a place with no foul water. And I haven't even moved on to the other regions of the Dominon yet.
  8. Now the personality of the mounts will have to be in the difference species. Of course, if the new mounts cost as much as current mounts it won't matter much to me. I'll keep my 1 gp Imperial horse. I have to save all my gold for bank space since I can't bring myself to stop crafting! So many Jeepers materials!
  9. Blacksmithing 1-handed axe Training Lv 1 any style @Lead82 Blacksmithing 1-handed hammer (mace) Training Lv 1 any style @Lead82 Clothing - Medium Legs Infused Lv1 any style @Lead82 Clothing - Medium Waist Reinforced Lv 1 any style @Lead82
  10. Leah, have you gotten these items? If not, send me an email in game and I'll make them for you.
  11. VR rank now needs 1,000,000 XP! Man, I could have used that 2 weeks ago when I was redoing quests in Cyrodiil for XP to get to VR12.
  12. The fastest way to earn veteran ranks is keep chugging through every quest you can. Araevin and hunted down quests in every faction like they were bounties. No quest was too small. Araevin and I are looking for folks who want to do the Group Dungeons on normal and vet.
  13. Oh good. I thought I was going crazy or blind. So now to advance Blacksmithing, presumably one must go to Dwemer ruins and destroy lots and lots of constructs. Interesting. The only mining that earns xp through destruction of enemies.
  14. Hello, All. Has Dwarven Ore been removed and replaced with Dwarven scrap for crafting purposes? I went looking for Dwarven Ore last night in Greenshade, Malabal Tor, and Reaper's March and couldn't find any. Am I looking in the wrong place? My character is AD. The other faction areas are all Calcinium, Galatite, Quicksilver and Void Stone. Thanks.
  15. Has anyone else experience repeated crashes while in Direfrost Keep? I was there on Sunday and ESO crashed on me about every 10 minutes. I've updated all my drivers (sound and video) and disabled all my add-ons and still the game locks up on me and I have to restart. I'm AD playing in Direfrost Frost.
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