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    1. Hey guys, can I get some info about everything that is going on?
    2. https://outscape.net/dev-diary-13-space-heist/ Basically you can now raid other planets for their resources instead of trying to blow them up!
    4. Hellllllooooo fellow space cadets! Or maybe I should say fellow ruling Emperors and Empress'.... BETA shall start very soon, and I promised to come back and give you all a full run down and start getting you all more involved in the game. Well here I am with a full report. Outscape will start Beta by the end of this month, and between the end of December and start of January they will start early access. Early Access will be discounted heavily (we think it will be 20$, while live debuting next year will be 35$). This gives us a month to check out beta, and who knows they may push back early access for now. A few things to get you interested in the game: - You control an empire as big or small as you want, there are soft caps in some areas, but no hard limits. - There are 5 Races (Mankind (humans), People's Realm (Militaristic humans), Synits (Robots/Skynet), Ripchee (Cats/Khajits), Sntheral (Reptiles)) - Eventually there will be 12 main races, however there will be 10+ minor races of which you can take over their planets and receive bonuses. - Each race has 4 Tiers of ships - Colonizing, Transports, Freighters, Corvettes, Frigates, Heavy Frigates, Carriers, Battleships, Dreadnoughts. - The galaxy is full of systems of planets, and each planet will have gravity, temperature, mass, land vs water, all effecting the growth of your civ. - As you grow you will have to deal with happiness, corruption, and expansion (unless you are Syntis, which have problems of their own). - Different ways to play the game from mining, combat, transporting, terraforming, to espionage, the tech tree will be quite large. - Between 150-200 tech levels spread out over 4 Tiers, a lot to discover, with each Race getting several of their very own techs. - Gaining resources can come through mining a planet through mines, mining planets and asteroids with ships, or killing pirates/people. - Trading in game is hardcore old school, you meet and create a canister in space that anyone can grab if they have the cargo space. - When you defeat fleets a portion of their build cost will be left behind in their wreckage for you to discover and salvage. - Combat is automated through your own setup of commands, placement within the fleet, and makeup of the fleet. - Maneuvering outside of combat is real time, getting a good angle for attack is real time, placing mines, defense, and patrol are all real time. - Build large colonies the way you want, focus on making them happy, or pushing them to mine, or perhaps create a fortified bastion. - Experience traveling through space exploring who is near you, what planet types you might find, trying to find resources around you. - Fend off pirates while looking for asteroid belts to take advantage of all while trying to maintain your colonies. This is just a taste of the game to come, if you have any questions please feel free to leave me a message. Like some of the other games we will have a separate discord since we require A LOT of different rooms. Please message me here or drop a line in this thread if you are interested. Sign up for BETA here: https://outscape.net/signup/ref/kmoz7r399e
    5. A couple people have been asking me about this, they are full beta right now, is everyone just waiting for the actual game?
    6. Hey all! I have been roughly keeping track of Crowfall, sort of on my radar list with Beyond Dark/Star Citizen/LiF, well today a friend of mine who had bought in the Kickstarter let me have his account. I was wondering what all I need to do to play, how important some of these items are (like buildings, parcels of land, and relics). Thanks guys.
    7. Welcome ET1837 to Cotp! ET1837 is joining the Beyond Dark Chapter!
    8. Welcome neinwhal to CotP! They are joining the Beyond Dark chapter!
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    12. Happy Birthday Cheatle!

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