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  1. A couple people have been asking me about this, they are full beta right now, is everyone just waiting for the actual game?
  2. Hey all! I have been roughly keeping track of Crowfall, sort of on my radar list with Beyond Dark/Star Citizen/LiF, well today a friend of mine who had bought in the Kickstarter let me have his account. I was wondering what all I need to do to play, how important some of these items are (like buildings, parcels of land, and relics). Thanks guys.
  3. Cheatle

    Updates to Come!

    Hey all, The game is currently being worked on for the next major update, after said update, I will make a post explaining the game a bit better and any time lines I know of.
  4. Cheatle

    Introduction Thread

    L M A O!
  5. Cheatle

    Welcome ET1837

    Welcome ET1837 to Cotp! ET1837 is joining the Beyond Dark Chapter!
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    Welcome neinwhal

    Welcome neinwhal to CotP! They are joining the Beyond Dark chapter!
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    Welcome Omegacybran

    Welcome Omegacybran to CotP! Omegacybran will be joining the Beyond Dark Chapter!
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    Welcome Knightwolf

    Welcome Knightwolf to CotP! He will be joining the Beyond Dark Chapter!
  9. Cheatle Colo Dazzagp Demo Duvelsuper ET1837 Infamous JMZ Knightwolf Limpwad Lostshadozx Lunatic Manni Michael M00ngod Neinwhal Noobperson Omegacybran Ponder Rouge16 Sjharley Sicarius Terrawar Vaenroc
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    Welcome Noobperson

    Welcome Noobperson to CotP! Noobperson will be joining the Beyond Dark Chapter!
  11. Hey guys and gals, This is just your basic introduction thread, say hello, introduce yourself, tell us something interesting, and why are you checking out/playing Beyond Dark. I am Cheatle, the Chapter Leader as well as the Leader of the overall organization of Beyond Dark. One of the more interesting things about myself, game related, is just how many Alpha/betas I have participated in, and how many organizations I have led over the years. I am currently playing in the Beyond Dark Alpha with a focus on bringing people together to play in the release of the game.
  12. Congrats, for some reason I didn't see this!
  13. Happy Birthday Cheatle!

  14. Happy Birthday Cheatle!