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    1. It is finally here. Do we know if there is any hype in the guild for this game. I have played a lot of beta and have leveled several types of characters. All are fun to play that I tested. Do we have any leadership playing and is there any plan for this game. It is not a solo friendly game one you do the introduction experience. Crafting is deep and complicated so having harvesters and crafters or allies who do that will help a lot. There are guilds who are only in it for crafting and they will use their Eternal Kingdom as a market place. Big guilds will dominate this game but a small organized guild with allies can also do well. Leveling to 30 is easy but that is when the game really starts. The learning curve is steep as knowing how to build your character is not intuitive like other games and can significantly gimp you if you choose the wrong combination. I look forward to gaming with those who are interested in giving it a try. To be honest I am not sure how long it will hold my attention because I am more focused on New World but if the guild is having fun playing together I will definitely enjoy it more then the solo play I been doing for the last 18 months.
    2. Yes confirmed released date.
    3. I have backed off following this game, although my interest remains high if they can pull it off. I stumbled into their Live stream today and the first thing that stuck out to me was not a ton of information and a ton of excused. For example the slow progress is because of COVID, I believe partly that is true but lots of Dev teams have found working from home realistic in this industry and there is a lot of possible cost savings for a small company if they can get a pause on rent space. I didn't like the response to delay in refunds. He put that on the fact that it has not continued because the office is closed. Someone has to be running the books from home and this should be an easy process to handle outside of the office. It is my understanding that they decided to build their own engine which is not common in todays industry even the larges game dev teams with endless cash flow doesn't take the time to develop their own engine. The one good news that was said is they do have outside backers which is helping to keep the lights on. Keeps fingers crossed on this one but wow this live stream does not give me a good impression.
    4. Let me know if you plan on jumping in it again. I can hop into Discord because this game is not made for soloing too much other then to learn your class.
    5. I have recently jumped back into the game with the 6.4 patch. When I first played the game with the first open beta, I was not digging it at all. So I shelved it but kept up to date on various changes over the months. Out comes 6.4 which really included a huge overhaul to the traits and discipline systems. So I jumped back in and wow I am really enjoying the game. I am sure people who have been testing this and following it more closely understand the game but for me this game has a HUGE learning curve. Leveling a fresh character to level 30 is super easy, but that is only the starting point. This game with its Vessel system is basically restarting a character and releveling but as you get a higher Vessel the longer it takes you to level the character to level 30. The higher Vessel the more base attribute points it starts with. The Vessels follow the basic color scheme we are use to in MMO's white, green, blue, purple, and orange. It is clear that this game wants people to have multiple characters as you will be advancing them and sometimes deleting them to upgrade but you still need to have characters to play. The good news is you don't have to come up with names for call your characters as they all take your name. So I may have 5 characters but they all will be named Inseril. The crafting in this game is sooooo deep. I know others in the guild who like crafting more then I do can explain it better, but lets just say this is a very guild centered game. It will be a challenge for one person to craft everything because of the limited Crafting/Gathering Discipline. Each character can have 2 and there is a lot of Disciplines. Lets say I am a Blacksmith and I pick making armor. I will need components that might come from a leather worker as well to craft my armor. So they try to build a lot of in game coordination between crafters. Large guilds can easily set up a nice loop of organizing crafters to make components that can be shared. Resource gathering in this game is huge and require lots of resources. There are nodes called motherloads that require multiple people to harvest. Often times I see small groups head out to gather those resources with a few people harvesting and others being the defense against people trying to gank the gatherers. Frame rate has improved since I first played but in large scale battles it does drop a lot. I was not a fan of the graphic but it has started to grow on me a bit. Combat is so much more fluid. This game is still a zerg fest from the limited PvP I have tried. I see Crowfall as a game I will play especially between downtimes of other games I like better. I don't know if this will be a game I play 4 hours a day for 10 years like I did with Ultima Online but it does seem to be a lot of fun. Look forward to running with a group and doing coordinated battles with guildmates.
    6. Will do I am @fearlessdude in the guild.
    7. I have been back to playing ESO as my main game since the COVID stuff has slowed things down and I am loving it. The new Chapter has been fun but what I have been enjoying the most is Battlegrounds. For the longest time it has sucked that you could only solo que these but in update 28 the Devs have allowed you to cue with friends. Developing a 4 man premade has brought back a lot of fun to the battlegrounds. Cyrodill which is their large scale PvP is hampered with performance issues that the Devs have not been able to solve so I have only rarely been playing in those, but dungeons, trials, and battlegrounds gives me a ton of stuff to for a few hours several nights a week. The also added a new system where if you farmed a piece of armor and sold it, you can use a farmable currency to get the item back which makes it so much easier then farming the same dungeon for that one piece you need that you accidently sold. I have 11 level 50 characters at CP 690. It is pretty easy to get to level 50 takes me about 10 days and ESO gives you all the CP levels so its been fun experimenting with lots of different builds. If anyone is playing or if anyone is looking to get back into it hit me up.
    8. Voted! I just got in beta. I have been really worried with some of the Youtube reviews of this recent beta. Received some better feedback from Elric and decided to give it a try since there was a discount going.. Undecided on playing at release. I have also tried out New World in this preview time and although it is a pretty game, I am glad they are waiting at least a year. The quests of this game pretty much are only fetch quests which gets old quick. They need some better options on weapons and significant balancing. Everyone is using a hatchet in first slot, life staff in second slot and either sword/board,, bow, or musket. Hammer and Fire staff is fairly useless unless maybe is large scale combat. Undecided about playing on release Camelot Unchained is shaping up to be a disaster or just a really long development cycle. Started following Ashes of Creation, everything sounds good on paper but I am worried if the eager owner is promising too much and building up too much hype. Only time will tell.
    9. As always I love playing healers so last time I was a Templar and a Heirophant. Basically this time with all the changes since the last go around I will be playing either a Edgewalker or Doombringer for PvP and a Heirophant for PvE.
    10. Oh Jeepers that let you in the guild.
    11. Looks like the band is getting back together. I will be there ready for duty
    12. The developers announced that Chapter 1 for SotA is free to play no level restrictions or trading restrictions. The only thing is you can't participate in Universal Chat (aka Global chat) but you can purchase an orb for 2 dollars to have access to that. I have close to 3700 hours in this game spread across two accounts. There has been a lot of quality of life improvements but the game still has a lot more work to do. The learning curve is still difficult but I am happy to help anyone out to learn the basics.
    13. Hey Spry, I agree with you that SotA despite its bugs and unfinished content is still a lot of fun. I believe I was the one who originally brought SotA to CotP's attention. I never thought it would never draw a large player base of current members as it is clearly a niche game. I had hoped that we would be able to draw new players to the guild since we provide a large community, great forums, and strong overall leadership that would make us appealing. Given that this game was an open development game for a couple of years we as a chapter never defined what we were about. Some of the biggest guilds in SotA clearly had a vision of what they wanted and they created it. Although we has a strong core base of players for a while we never truly had a vision or a direction. I am not even sure that I remember having a healthy discussion other then a few posts her on the forums or chatting amongst ourselves in Discord. As an officer and main cheerleader of this game I take responsibility for that lack of direction and vision. It didn't help that due to an emergency medical condition I was gone for 2 solid months. Having said that, my latest approach as been to try and get non CotP friends interested in the game. I have gotten about 15 people to try the free trial however only 1 seems to want to stay with it. These were all hardcore UO and Ultima fans so I felt they would appreciate the design. Unfortunately with the learning curve coupled with bugs and in some cases technical difficulties running the game (I couldn't log in for a month because of windows 10 update not letting me load the game and I got tired of always uninstalling the update just to play Sota when every other game of mine played fine). First impressions as so important. I think Port would of done better by minimizing the scope of chapter 1. If they focused on the main systems of combat and crafting which I actually really like and maybe one story path in one region they could of nailed it and the polish of the scenes would of been great. The new scenes look awesome but releasing 3 a month is way too slow but if they only had one region all scenes would of gotten proper love and they could of added the other 2 storylines as chapter 1.2 and 1.3. I am undecided in terms of either joining a more establish active guild that enjoys PvP or putting my own small crew of players together that will focus on PvP. Everyone is on my friends list and I am always up to group up with anyone so just send me an IM.
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