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  1. As always I love playing healers so last time I was a Templar and a Heirophant. Basically this time with all the changes since the last go around I will be playing either a Edgewalker or Doombringer for PvP and a Heirophant for PvE.
  2. Oh Jeepers that let you in the guild. 😋
  3. I prefer doing both but I do love me some PvP
  4. Looks like the band is getting back together. I will be there ready for duty
  5. The developers announced that Chapter 1 for SotA is free to play no level restrictions or trading restrictions. The only thing is you can't participate in Universal Chat (aka Global chat) but you can purchase an orb for 2 dollars to have access to that. I have close to 3700 hours in this game spread across two accounts. There has been a lot of quality of life improvements but the game still has a lot more work to do. The learning curve is still difficult but I am happy to help anyone out to learn the basics.
  6. Hey Spry, I agree with you that SotA despite its bugs and unfinished content is still a lot of fun. I believe I was the one who originally brought SotA to CotP's attention. I never thought it would never draw a large player base of current members as it is clearly a niche game. I had hoped that we would be able to draw new players to the guild since we provide a large community, great forums, and strong overall leadership that would make us appealing. Given that this game was an open development game for a couple of years we as a chapter never defined what we were about. Some of the biggest guilds in SotA clearly had a vision of what they wanted and they created it. Although we has a strong core base of players for a while we never truly had a vision or a direction. I am not even sure that I remember having a healthy discussion other then a few posts her on the forums or chatting amongst ourselves in Discord. As an officer and main cheerleader of this game I take responsibility for that lack of direction and vision. It didn't help that due to an emergency medical condition I was gone for 2 solid months. Having said that, my latest approach as been to try and get non CotP friends interested in the game. I have gotten about 15 people to try the free trial however only 1 seems to want to stay with it. These were all hardcore UO and Ultima fans so I felt they would appreciate the design. Unfortunately with the learning curve coupled with bugs and in some cases technical difficulties running the game (I couldn't log in for a month because of windows 10 update not letting me load the game and I got tired of always uninstalling the update just to play Sota when every other game of mine played fine). First impressions as so important. I think Port would of done better by minimizing the scope of chapter 1. If they focused on the main systems of combat and crafting which I actually really like and maybe one story path in one region they could of nailed it and the polish of the scenes would of been great. The new scenes look awesome but releasing 3 a month is way too slow but if they only had one region all scenes would of gotten proper love and they could of added the other 2 storylines as chapter 1.2 and 1.3. I am undecided in terms of either joining a more establish active guild that enjoys PvP or putting my own small crew of players together that will focus on PvP. Everyone is on my friends list and I am always up to group up with anyone so just send me an IM.
  7. Drothar I am sorry to here about everything you are going through. I recently had a major unexpected surgery in November that had me laid up for 2 months and I am still paying bills for that. I wish you well and look forward to future gaming with you.
  8. Thanks Life, it has been so frustrating.
  9. Grim you are spot on about this. If it was a typical 45 to 60 dollar game I wouldn't be so pissed, but when you have several thousand bucks into a game (smh) it is infuriating lol.
  10. Ihave not been able to play since release due to some issue with the latest Windows 10 Update. The game no longer boots properly for some reason. I have reported it to Port and several Dev have contacted me that they have heard of the issue but they have not been able to replicate it so they don't know of a fix. I deleted and redownloaded the game several times all my drivers are updated. I hear the music playing but the screen remains black. I had this issue before and I needed to roll back the update but it leaves my computer vulnerable. The good news is I have a new beast of acomputer coming later this week so hopefully I will be able to play again.
  11. Sundays usually work for me. The problem I am having with the long term status of the game is I am not confident that the population will increase that much at launch. The games structure with online solo, online with friends, etc. makes it more challenging to recruit as the world seems empty to me. Unless it is a popular event, I seldom see more than 5 people in towns/cities. I see a hand full of players on the overland map but it is very rare to run into anyone in an adventure scene (I play almost exclusively in open world). I do like a lot of elements about the game but I just am concerned that it's not going to pull in the numbers to really give it the funds to make something special for future episodes.
  12. I am at a Crossroads with SotA,, from a technical and artistic view I have liked a lot of the changes that have been made. I also enjoyed hanging with the guild running zones as a fun social activity. To me what is missing and makes it harder for me to be super excited about personally promoting the guild has to do with the lack of community that I loved in UO. That came from the PvP side of things in UO. I mean UO was brutal if you did not belong to a guild. The excitement of will I get ganked was always there. The guild battles over spawn areas or resource areas were intense. Not only was it important to be in a good active guild but alliances became important. I have fond memories of the guilds in the alliance as well as the guilds we fought against. I don't see any of that developing in this game. I read forums and see all the complaints about PvP but good PvP is a lot like RP you forge your own game play and you fight and defend over resources. The Devs decided to do the one stop shop to please everyone and I think they missed the mark. I been playing more with the tory and quests but I am not being pulled into the story. Fighting the boss mobs as a group is fun, but after a while the fun wears off because the loot is so none exciting or motivating. I have also been bothered that this close to release the world seems empty which means most players are maybe playing single player online or in friends only.
  13. I am supportive of the suggestions offered by Lifedragn and Spry. I was speaking with Mekong the other day in Discord, that I think we are at the stage of game development that having an in game officer or members at large meeting soon might be a good thing.
  14. Thanks Spryone for starting this. I am just beginning but my plan is to focus on polearms, bludgeon weapons, and alchemy.
  15. Thanks for the feedback on your decks. I currently use 5 completely unlocked decks. My main trees are Polearms (spear), Light Armor (leather), Shields, Earth, Sun, and Life. (I also have the must have passive skills in the tactics and focus trees as well) I always have a close combat deck and a ranged combat deck set as either equipped or alternate. I have a similar pair for fighting undead. My 5th deck is a combination of ranged with mostly healing spells when in a group that needs a healer. I generally prefer voice coms, I just keep forgetting about the discord channel. I will try to remember
  16. Since coming back to SotA, I have been messing with some deck theory crafting. I am curious how many cards people run in their decks and how many locked slots you use. I currently do not have any locked cards which works for me but I am curious to see what others are doing and how they like their decks so far.
  17. Thanks for everyone who help with this adventure, it was a lot of fun playing with guildmates. If anyone ever wants to do something and I am in game just message me
  18. You make some good points. I really felt that the Devs were taking a huge gamble at trying to do an Ultima / UO hybrid game. Those two communities want two completely different experiences and trying to do it with 12 million bucks is even more challenging. Although I started in UO, I did go back and play the Ultima series. I don't find any of the storyline that compelling and the npc characters I have encountered don't leave much of a lasting impression on me. The fail on the multiplayer side because there just isn't the community base outside of the diehards. Over the 8 years I played UO, I have met lots of people who remain friends with me to this day. So for me the game is missing the mark on that front as well. In friends only, is there anything in the game currently that after you finished with a party of friends that you would be like "Hell yeah that was awesome!!"?
  19. I have been poking around in Shroud again after a long break. I am heavily invested financially in this game and have high hopes in it. I definately see significant improvements in performance and visuals. My biggest disappointment is, apart from community run events, the world seems empty of people. Played 6 hours yesterday and 8 hours on Sunday ran into 6 people on overland map but no one in any zone I was including major cities and towns. The uncloning of zones is nice but I still don't feel a sense of purpose other to farm resources which has not been hard in my opinion. I been spendng more time in PvP zones as that was something I loved in UO (that sense of being ganked while mining or fighting mobs made it exciting). I amreally disappointed in the dungeons. I thought they had a great format in UO. The deeper you went into dungeons the harder it got and the better treasure you found. I will continue to play and support this game, the big question is willI play it more then casuallly is yet to be seen.
  20. Inseril

    Status Update?

    It really does give me the old UO feels. Unfortunately RL has hampered the amount of time I can dedicate to game. I have to say the Alliance that Creaky has help put together is a good group of people and very organized.
  21. Inseril Moonbow I call my buid a "tank mage", it comes from my old UO days when the PvP gods were mages that used a halbard. I use water/earth/air along with a spear and shield. I also have a pretty good deck for healing. I have never been much of a crafter in any mmo but I love to gather resources so my gathering in all areas are pretty high. I might actully do come tailoring. Primary residence: Harvest Secondary residence: Elad's Light House I have about 800 hours into it, so I have been taking a break and only log on once in a while. Will be playing more once the quest resets come in. I spend a lot of time in the PvP scenes, lots of fun when there are other players around.
  22. Cool.....I willl look for you tomorrow night if you are on.
  23. Not sure who is still playing but I am looking for a group to tackle the Phoenix.
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