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  1. For those that were heavily into the testing... and already in the head start (since Tuesday)... some questions... 1. How is the build diversity? I know that there are no classes. I know that the total character skill point cap is 600. I know that each skill can be raised up to 100. Therefore, one character can raise six skills to 100 and stay within the total character skill point cap. How does this play out? Are all the sword and board characters the same? All the healers the same? All the beast tamers the same? Even if not the same, is one build best to fill certain roles? 2. What is the balance of group (party) content? What is there for groups to do? How many players does it take? How are group roles handled? 3. What is the role of guilds? What are they for? Are they limited in number? 4. How is combat? How twitchy is it? How active is it? 5. Business model? The preoder is still up on the website. Is the game buy to play? Subscription? Microtransactions? Thanks in advance.
  2. Fantasy Grounds has a giveaway going that folks might want to jump on if they are interested in playing rpgs (like D&D) with folks online or in using a virtual tabletop (VTT) like Fantasy Grounds as a tool during in person play. Giveaway information.
  3. I still play pen and paper (as opposed to computer) RPGs like D&D. If you cannot find a game locally, you might consider trying Fantasy Grounds. (It is on Steam, but I recommend going direct to Smiteworks so that they don't give up a cut to Steam for no good reason. You can then ask to apply your license to Steam after the fact if you really want to use Steam to launch it. It takes some time but they will make it happen.) You should do your own research... buyer beware... and all that. YMMV, etc. For me, I bought FG over a decade ago and it is the best money I ever spent on software. Any software, not just on gaming. Since I moved out of a big city all of my gaming has been on FG. Currently it is possible to use the free demo if all you will do is play games as a player. (Not run games as the DM/GM/Referee/etc.) This limits you to only being able to play (as a player) in games where the person running the game has purchase the Ultimate license (most expensive license). A demo player cannot play in games run by someone with a standard license. If you want to run games the demo is useless to you. If you want to be able to play (as a player) with anyone that runs a game (whether they have the Standard license or the Ultimate license) you can just buy the Standard license. If you want to run games then you can buy the Standard license and run games for anyone that has either the Standard license or the Ultimate license. (You cannot run games and have players on the demo.) If you want to be able to play (as a player) with anyone you do not need the Ultimate license. (The standard license is all you need.) So, if you will never run a game you don't have to consider the Ultimate license. If you want to run games for anyone (Standard license, Ultimate license, and demo players) you need the Ultimate license. (This adds demo players to the pool of players already available to people with a Standard license.) Note that these licenses are just for the FG software and do not bring with it any of the additional commercial content. That must be purchased in addition. (It is analogous to purchasing the various D&D books and you will see, in fact, that the D&D books for the current edition are all available for purchase in FG... as well as resources for various other systems as well.) If you have questions I recommend going to the website I linked above and looking about. Read the FAQ... explore the forum... explore the wiki... and then hit the forum up with your questions. The FG community is very helpful. If you have any concerns about the price of the software, don't buy it. It isn't worth it if you don't believe it is worth it... you'll regret it later. If however you want to be able to game with folks all over the world... this is a fair price to pay IMHO. (I bought the Standard license.) I have been discussing as if purchasing a license is the only option. However, you could also "subscribe" to either a Standard or Ultimate license. This gives you the benefit of the license during the duration of your subscription. I don't recommend it because obviously the longer you subscribe for the more expensive it gets in comparison to simply buying the license. However, as a test you could always fall back on the subscription options. Note that the cost of the subscription won't be applied to the cost of a license as far as I know. I've known some that have gone this route and didn't mind paying for a couple of months of a subscription to get a feel for it and then bought a license outright. There is a Fantasy Grounds Convention coming in October you should check out no matter what you decide. If you are on the fence about purchasing a license, you can register for a game or two during the convention and see the software in action using the free demo. (I haven't checked for this upcoming FG convention, but generally all the games at the convention accept demo players.) If you've already bought in the convention is just another opportunity to get some fun gaming in. Most FG games use something for voice communication (like discord, TS, Mumble, Ventrillo, etc.). Some still play text only games where everyone is typing in real time, but as you can imagine over the years that I've been playing over FG the percentage has swung way over towards voice games as the quality of voice communications improved. Currently, some are using video calls so that you can see each other... that is still a small number but I expect that number will grow over time. Finally, a link to FG youtube. Remember do your own research. I bear no responsibility for how you spend your money. No matter what, enjoy!
  4. Can you give a description of your experience and game activities? Grindyness? Similarities to other games?
  5. http://massivelyop.com/2017/09/07/everyone-seems-to-love-final-fantasy-xiv-dad-of-light-and-its-not-what-you-think/
  6. https://www.netflix.com/title/80178543 Some good laughs here, especially if you are a fan of the game. It is subtitled, so those that are opposed to reading subtitles while watching a TV show should feel free to ignore. 7 short episodes, so not a big time commitment. (The 8th episode is a weird... thing... that is kind of like a recap and... something.) If you play MMOs, even if not FFXIV, you might enjoy the themes here. If you've tried to play with family or have played with family... you might recognize some of the situations.
  7. Link with barely any info on a gaming site. Link with barely any info on another gaming site.
  8. If you like first person shooters... if you like deck building... this one may be for you. By the way, Digital Extremes are the folks behind Warframe. They have a referral program which says... So according to that it doesn't matter whether you are the person that refers or the person benefiting from the referral... both get the same benefit as long as at least four people hit each link. This makes things easy so that people don't feel 'greedy' seeking a referral or having to make any kind of decision. If everyone hits the same referral (and everyone is greater than four) than everyone gets placed on the closed alpha priority list. So, if you might want to check it out... here is my referral link... https://www.playkeystone.com?referrerId=598c5a974cde6f2c59789165
  9. Source is here. Keep your eyes open and your wallets ready!
  10. Steam link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/218620/PAYDAY_2/ http://steamcommunity.com/games/218620/announcements/detail/1327847269948862882 Just an FYI.
  11. I just got that message also... maybe for reporting the same person...
  12. I didn't think the Knight tier had access yet. Source. Does Knight have access already?
  13. I'm still mixing in some Smite here and there. I am a little bit more experienced... though still a newb. I've played mostly arena, with some of the dual lane 5v5 (Called Clash... I think.) and with some 3v3 one lane (Joust) matches mixed in. If you haven't played before and are going to check it out, feel free to use my referral link. Join me in Smite. < - - Link If you do we get some rewards for playing together, etc. So, let me know!
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