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  1. Ahoy, it's looking like smoother seas ahead!
  2. Happy Birthday Kaeros!

  3. Happy Birthday Kaeros!

  4. Happy Birthday Kaeros!

  5. Happy Birthday Kaeros!

  6. Man I miss Galaxies. Started that game opening night sitting in the chat room watching people throw fits about the game not working.. RL pulled me away for huge stretches of time, but Bria will always hold a special place in my heart. As will dancing Twi-lek chicks
  7. Name: Kaeros Rank: Dish Scrubber / Moral Support? Background: Started gaming on the ol' Commodore 64 and Atari, yes, I'm an 80's baby. Never got the chance to play Pen & Paper until I was an adult alas, but played video games all through school. Got into online gaming with MUSH/MUD games in the mid 90's, hey, they were awesome for text based games! Played EQ1 as my first MMORPG, and since then have played: Star Wars Galaxies, Star Wars:TOR, WoW, EQ2, DAoC, Warhammer, DDO, Neverwinter, Eve, Guildwars 2, DC Online, City of Heroes, and dozens of others I don't even recall off of the top of my head at this point. I'm also now an avid tabletop gamer, yes, Pathfinder is one of the games most often played in my home. I'm also a recovering miniature wargamer, and total board game nut. Plans in Pathfinder Online: Do what I can to support what I believe to be a noble cause. I'm a teacher at the high school / adult level, and I see as a matter of routine the damage bullying does. And make no mistake, griefing behavior on games is just a new form of bullying. I won't stand for it, you've said you'll make a stand against it, I'll stand with you. As far as specifics, eh, I don't even know what class I'm likely to play yet!
  8. Welcome to the forums Kaeros :)

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