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  1. This game is on my wishlist, need to start now I'd say. Thank you for posting.
  2. I've watched cohh in the past, and have enjoyed his take on new games. Will try and watch the stream but at 10am Az time I should be working in the backyard before the day heats up.
  3. More games to play than time for me.....look forward to seeing some reviews.
  4. I played STO in the beginning and had blast on the ships (didn't like the planet missions much). Would love to join you but I've reached my limits with games atm, already playing H1Z1, Landmark and EQNext in the future. I was capped out on funds(wife) and even had to drop SWTOR which kinda sucked since I was hoping to start raiding. Anyways good luck to you and hope to see you in game soon,
  5. Took a break from reallife and got back into the game, and have noticed with the last couple of patches they've increased loot spawning and the zombies will not leave you alone now. Found myself spending the bulk of the time in the pvp matches called Battle Royale that plunges players into a (Hunger games styple) last man standing game-mode that has planes dropping gas to push players out of hiding and closer together. I've collected quite a list of recipes and found some corn seeds lastnight, will try my hand at farming. Corn can be used for food, ethanol and moonshine (woot).
  6. the empty water bottles can be refilled in the lake, river or wells in the area and then you need to learn (discover) how to purify the water by boiling them in a campfire you make. you can also learn how to make blackberry juice with the purified water for an extra boost in hydration, problem is you need an axe to cut the wood for the campfire or find one already made and then use a bowdrill that you learn to start the fire. Currently on a pve server (Plaque) for the crafting freedom and also play on a pvp server (headshot) for the crazy rapid killing frenzy. Everytime i start to get some gear i run into a group of people and that doesn't end well.
  7. That is correct regarding air drops and the noise also of the aircraft attracts the attention of the zombies in the area. The crazy thing is if you start building storage buildings and log off someone can come in break the door down and take all your stuff. I'm sure they'll be working on that but in the mean time I have storage containers hidden in various locations. I heard the patch from last night is implementing some type of quest system, haven't seen it myself yet. I would say if your not sure about purchasing the game, watch it on twitch to get some idea about the game and remember it's still early access with lots of bugs.
  8. I can't compare it to other survival games but I'm having fun so far, and yeah that sucked with the air drops having weapons.
  9. I'm taking a break from the game and not renewing my membership, not sure what the rules are but if needed I can remove my characters. Good luck on operations and conquests!
  10. I love this guys videos on gameplay
  11. I recently discovered my chest piece that was rewarded during the sorcerer class quest is missing, hoping it's lost in my cargo but think it's gone for good.
  12. Not sure if this is new for 3.0 but appears that this particular mail was on Rishi according to the author.
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