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    1. Happy Birthday Fuzlogic!

    2. Happy Birthday Fuzlogic!

    3. Happy Birthday Fuzlogic!

    4. Good Morning and welcome to this fun and exciting site. I would like to officially offer my hand in welcoming you to The Covenant of the Phoenix .... umm.. wait.. I uh.. I don't think its supposed to go like that.. Lets try this again. Hi there I'm known to the world as Fuzlogic, (at least the part of the world that is known as the gaming community.. ) I currently reside somewhere in the state of being that could be confused with that of a homo-sapien living in Northwest Arkansas. I have a cute little rugrat that will turn 6 this Aug. (2014). He's the reason that I consider myself to be an extra-casual gamer. Anywhose, As you may have guessed through this post I'm a bit of a joker, but can be VERY SERIOUS when the need calls for it.. I hope ya'll have fun (um wait no.. ) I hope to fit in here and make everyone's day just a little bit more fuzzier. Thank you, Fuzlogic Where the logic may not make sense, but I can guarantee it will be fuzzy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (This spot reserved for some spiffy saying or maybe a semi-cool signature picture of my toon... or heck, it just may contain this conglomeration of letters that form the words in which you have just read................indefinitely..) muhahaha<cough><cough>..... <clears throat>... hahahahaha..
    5. Welcome to the forums Fuzlogic :)

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