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  1. CoE has unfortunately run out of money, and development has ceased. https://chroniclesofelyria.com/news/34919/State-of-Elyria-Into-the-Abyss
  2. And we have an official announce - April 29th! https://chroniclesofelyria.com/news/30960/Domain-Settlement-Selection-begins-April-29th
  3. It has been delayed currently, but when the time comes you will place in the duchy of Cremoria - get with me on discord for more details.
  4. It has suffered delays, but Domain Selection is going live in early April! That will be the time for anyone with titles (mayor, count, etc) to choose their domains, and it is an effort we are coordinating with our partnering duchy of Cremoria, so please contact me ASAP if you have such a title and wish to play with the CotP chapter! https://discord.gg/UamAwrA
  5. We are officially a chapter now! I know some of you have already been involved in the community, and may have joined certain groups and intend to play with them as I have, but I have been working to find a home for CotP in Elyria and that home is the Duchy of Cremoria (https://chroniclesofelyria.com/forum/topic/16360/NAE-Duchy-of-Cremoria to learn more)(https://discord.gg/NQJ85md)! It is led by Duke Cyneric Torrin, whom you may have seen post on these forums, and I am a mayor and officer within this duchy. He has agreed to welcome any CotP members that wish to land within his duchy, but that also means following his rules, in addition to our own charter. There are two main things to know in that regard: 1. Cremoria's rules are don't be a dick and follow opsec, be respectful it's a safe space and the community of Cremoria is open to all. This is not the place to shame others for any reason. 2. If you are a mayor or count you are expected to write a recruitment post, be engaged in the CoE community and to do your best to actively recruit for your town or county. Support will be provided to you, but the onus is on you to do the work. And my own requirement is: given the sensitive nature of politics and information in a sandbox such as this, you must be a member of this duchy and no other political entities outside of this duchy in order to be a member of this chapter. If you are already with another organization, or wish to play with another before or after joining the chapter, just let me know and we'll see if anything can be worked out. For anyone interested in joining us, join the discord above and apply to join the group on this forum. For anyone interested in learning more, feel free to join the discord and ask around (the duke is very helpful and knows a lot about this game) or dm me and I'll do what I can to help. I hope to see you all in Elyria!
  6. Sure! What are you looking for? Info on what's going on in the coe community? If so I have a thread up with some good info. Are you looking for more info on the game? I find the best way is to start reading design journals, as it's a little of info to learn and digest.
  7. Agreed, all in one duchy makes the most sense and is what we're going to be doing.
  8. Not sure what you mean, but anyone is free to not play with our chapter, it just means no invite to the group forum when that's made.
  9. I expect packages to drop soon, but anyone thinking of upgrading, please get with me first.
  10. The decision has been made. We have a sizable CotP presence in Kairos already, and I am a member of leadership. I have recently been offered the chapter lead position, and am just waiting on this to be converted formally to a chapter to start making some announcements.
  11. This is a busy time for the CoE community, as we've just concluded a major event (map voting) and are moving into several big events through the end of the year and the start of next! First, the map voting conclusion: the map for the NA-E server will be this: This map was voted upon by those that intend on playing on the NA-E server! This is the first time that players have decided on their own map to play on, rather than being handed one. The next process that has just started as of today is Server Selection - once an account is made, or if you already have an account, you now have an option on the account management screen that allows you to commit to a server you wish to play on. This is not a process that necessarily needs to be completed right now for any non-titled (below a mayor) players, but it DOES need to be completed by titled players before Domain Selection. Everyone please choose NA-E as that will be the server our chapter plays on! That brings us to the big event that is coming up, Domain Selection. Details need to be ironed out, but it is expected right after the holidays, so early January at the latest. This will be when those players with titles will be able to select land. This is one of the most important pre-release processes, so I will keep everyone posted as we get more information.
  12. I've been trying to engage with cotp leadership about this, but I've got quite a few cotp with me on the NA-E server. Server selection is supposed to last I believe 30 days, so there's some time, but a decision does need to be made
  13. You would be correct. I am a member of leadership in the kingdom of Kairos, and am heavily involved in the duchy of Cremoria, a duchy I think would be a good fit for many of us. I have reached out to both vessa and damis over the last two months about exactly what you just talked about kero, but have not received any real response yet, though I'm still working on it. I have several of our old pfo guys with me already, and brought on a couple other cotp members such as Amanda. That being said, if anyone wishes to speak to Cyneric, my Duke, and learn about his duchy, feel free to dm me. I am *very* confident Domain Selection I by end of year it very very shortly after.
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