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  1. My main concern is that we'll be very much spread out across the map then. According to their developer journal #18 from mid-2017 the minimum requirements for the various settlement sizes are these: Hamlet: 3 Parcels; 10 people; Well Village: 9 Parcels; 25 people; Tavern Town: 25 parcels; 75 people; Town Hall City: 49 parcels; 150 people; Courthouse Capital: 81 parcels; 250 people; Monument In the same place, they listed the following possible combinations (there are many others) for a county: 4 towns and 4 villages 1 city, 2 towns, 2 villages, and 5 hamlets In reality, how many players (even if that "people" number up there might well include a significant number of npcs, I'd assume at least 25% of those are meant to be players) are we going to get? It's going to make for some very, very empty feeling settlements. Yes, ideally the game and player population is going to grow to a point where those numbers might be possible, but at the start, there's barely going to be more than three or four players trying to build each town, spread across a considerable geografical area, if each count and mayor is going to try to build their's. And I think that's a bad thing, because people who feel alone are much more likely to lose interest and quit. I honestly feel that the best approach if we want to have a united CotP-presence as a guild would be to really focus on building one settlement up to town or better level first and concentrate our people there, with some small outlying hamlets nearby as desired. I understand that that means that not everyone who bought in at count level is going to have their own developed county seat, which is why I volunteered to leave my county undeveloped as "wilderness" initially, to possibly be expanded into later. Sadly, Duke Cyneric didn't like the idea of an empty "wilderness" county too much, but he still might find that there's not enough people to fill all the room at the start anyway.
  2. Most likely the Duchy of Cremoria. Here's the Discord: https://discord.gg/uyqBDW
  3. I have pledged at the count level during the kickstarter, without fully understanding what I was getting :). Since I have serious doubts about having the irl time to do the recruiting and maintenance required to run a successful county, I'm thinking about selling or trading my count title and the asociated benefits off. I'd suggest we wait until after we get our act together as a chapter and have an idea of how we want to set up (honestly, I feel it would probably make the most sense to have us all in one county, whereas we have at least three members pledged at the count level). But anyway, before you buy count level access from the store, you can probably get it cheaper from me ;).
  4. I'm pledged as a count with Alpha I access, but haven't really been following the development lately, and have no idea of any drama that is currently going on politically. Looking at the maps, I honestly have no preference, so I'm not voting at this point. But maybe we should use the occasion to figure out how we want CotP to be present in the game. I take it most if not all of us are looking at the "Luna"/NA-East server. From the point of view of a united CotP presence I'd say it would make sense to have our counties and baronies (or do we have anyone pledged even higher?) grouped under a single duchy. So if decision time is to come before the end of the year as Fiery expects, it's high time for us to figure out where we want to be and which king and duke we want to pledge fealty to. I think of it as pre-chapter formation, if we miss this opportunity, we probably won't be able to have a united CotP-held area, and what good is a chapter if we are spread all over the map? So do any of you have any preferences (or are already dead set on one particular arrangement)? The only ruler/group that I've remotely had any dealings with is Phyllain, King of Alesia and presumably Duke of Xeilias. While in my time in PFO they were our enemies and running a more evil-themed dictatorship-type "Empire of Xeilias", they seemed to be mostly decent people irl and fairly well organized. If Alesia is intended to be not so totalitarian and evil, I wouldn't mind playing with them. However, I take it Fiery, you're already fairly heavily involved with another kingdom?
  5. I'm still actively playing and am currently maintining the CotP holdings in game. However, as far as I can tell I seem to be the last regularly active member of this chapter. So downgrading the game to non-chapter status is probably the appropriate thing to do. I'll keep maintaining our in-game presence and holdings for the time being, but if the game keeps going the way it currently is, I expect to leave as well when something more interesting comes along.
  6. Hmm, yes, I think, I did reply to one of your questions, regarding where Findupre was, I believe?! My reply seems to have disappeared as well. Certainly nothing that would even remotely require any deletion. Maybe some issue with the forum server, maybe it crashed and was reset to some previous state?
  7. Signed up as backer. Will check this game out while waiting for CoE to release.
  8. Hey all, I've been in at the count tier for a year or so now. It'll still be awhile, but I'm really looking forward to this game.
  9. As my own PF TT group broke up quite some time ago, I'd definitely be interested if a CotP group was forming.
  10. We don't know for certain when EE begins, but it'll likely be within the month. There hasn't been an official announcement yet, but they said they've basically finished everything they want to have finished before EE and are giving the team some rest over the holiday season before going live. As to how much it'll be to continue after your included time, you can currently buy 1 month for $15 and 1 year for $150 at the shop on the gw site.
  11. I think it's a great idea and would love to participate, but there is just no way whatsoever that I can routinely play at what amounts to approximately midnight to 4am on a weeknight local time.
  12. Hey Gendrill, and welcome! If you don't mind, I'll add you to my list of potential participants in european time zone-friendly PvE-gatherings . PvP is not going to be minimal, and certainly not limited to seperate areas. Eventually, we too will end up on the receiving end of another player's hostility. However, I don't expect this to be overshadowing everything else. The vast majority of players seem to have no interest in just randomly killing anyone "for the lulz". Also, major mechanical disadvantages for repeated unwarranted killing of "innocent" others are in place and the devs have explicitely stated that they are opposed to griefing and will take steps to limit this where neccessary. Also, there are play-style options to drastically reduce your risk available: e.g. group up with (preferably powerful) others to provide less of a target of opportunity, or play a crafter staying in the safety of your settlement, or if you venture out alone, stay far from others and run as soon as they approach. You might still occasionally end up getting killed, but one advantage of being with a strong group such as TEO is that even if your body is completely picked clean, you will be able to recover fairly quickly equipment-wise and you will have plenty and powerful friends around should you feel the need for revenge. I'm looking forward to seeing you in game soon.
  13. Hey, Farnaby, and welcome to TEO! We're happy to have you aboard. Kero (I think you've met my elven archer Darkleaf in general chat ) PS: I'm also happy to have more Europeans join; I'm hoping to eventually find people interested in grouping up for some PvE or even PvP during the european evening hours. Where in Germany do you live, if I may ask? I'm from near cologne.
  14. Name: Kero Rank: none so far, I applied for CotP membership maybe an hour ago Background: Virtually none in online gaming. I have been playing table-top Pathfinder, and DND before that, for quite some time up until about last year, when our local group disbanded. A former colleague of mine and member of this TT group got me interested in the game, and has kindly supplied me with an invitation to test out the Alpha version. I have been silently following the development and am starting to get fairly excited about the game. As TEO has been one of the most active groups involved in PFO so far, and I'm mostly interested in coordinated group play, I've decided to apply with you. In real life, I am male, in my mid-30s, and live on the western edge of Germany. I often have highly irregular work hours (working as an MD at a local hospital), so I cannot always be online, but will try to be available at least on a somewhat regular basis. Plans for PFO: none specific yet, other than thoroughly enjoy myself. In TT I would usually tend to be a support character, often a Cleric, but for PFO I haven't really made up my mind, yet. I'm also interested in the crafting aspect of the game, so I would like to play a part in any concerted effort with gathering, refining and crafting. However, I don't intend to spend my entire time safely tucked away in a town somewhere, I'd also love to go out and beat up some monsters . I have absolutely no experience with PvP whatsoever, but would really be interested in trying that at least occasionally. At least if I had sufficient backup... That's it for now (oh, I do like Earl Greay tea, btw ). I'm looking forward to meeting you all!
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