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  1. Happy Birthday Diella!

  2. Happy Birthday Diella!

  3. Happy Birthday Diella!

  4. Followed the notes for dt very, very carefully. Created Diella and then created Diedra then linked them together. Now it is set in stone. No changing xp no deleting and recreating. Makes me a little nervous I am afraid I do something wrong. Well first thing is to follow the wonderful guide for my 1k xp and then maybe go hunt for coal since she in ruthglen.
  5. Diella

    Hello all

    greetings nice to meet you
  6. Application sent and approved within the same day nicely done. Would it be possible to have Diella who will be my refiner in the Golden Scales Dieana wander future ranger, gather in the explorers league?
  7. Name: Diella Alias: Hiderguarde, Dieana Rank: pending Background: Lady Geezer I think I have both Karmill and Dogan beat by at least 10 year and yes I one of those rare ladies who tell you her age. Ic Diella: Dressed in all her Varisa finery Diella smiles as she does her happy dance, "Greetings good friends and trusted allies." I have travel to your great settlement from Keepers pass. I am a gatherer/ resource refiner looking for those to gather and refine for. So let me tell you a little bit about the person behind the curtain. Her name is Marijane and she been a pen and paper gamer for decades. Her pen and paper career started way back in the early '70 I think it was '72 or '73 with a little know game called Chain mail. For those not in the know chain Mail was like an early edition of DND. I actually played it in college for credit. The class was creative thinking class. The main thing I remember from those sessions was the name of the man who was created the game had a weird name Gyax something . When D&D eventually came out I was really interested in it. I bought the first box set but never could find any one to play with. Fast forward about twenty five years now married and with two teenage kids we were shopping in a local mall in Va when we saw a large banner proclaiming D&D 25 anniversary. This is were I meet my first DM. We still meet every Sunday and are raising our third generation of gamers who learn to count on a d20 and learn there color by dragon types. My DND career went from advanced to 2 all the way up to 4th were I became a little disillusioned with how the game was progressing. At a local con we,we being be my sons Joey and Mike and I, meet with a group that were trying to start a local Pathfinder chapter. They started with 1 or 2 tables now we can have as many as 20 going from a little table in the back wall to almost half the gaming room at most cons. Pathfinder is not the only TT game I have played, Shadowrun, Whitewolf vampire, werewolf,changeling, Exalted, Immortalis, Star Wars, Amber and a couple I have played once or twice and I have forgotten. MMO career well that a story for another day let just say my first mmos was Rubies of Evertide, Shadowbane and Horizons which is the one that I really feel in love with and learn who to play the game on. Well that it for now, looking forward to meeting you all in EE. Disclaimer: For those of you who did not roll a 1 on you perception check yes this is a copy of a post I made on the pathfinder forums. Plans For PFO: My plans for PFO are heavily into the crafting side of things. Diella my main will fall into I guess scout gathering side of thing I love to eh get lost wander that it wander and always have to check out what on top of that mountain or at the end of that river. I hope to get all the gathering feats during Alpha 8- I managed to get Dowser 6 Forester 7 Miner 7 scavenger 7. Rogue 5 plus a couple of levels in refining . Destiny Twin focus will be refining I am open for anay advice on which ones to start with. I thinking of taking all the gathering skill to start with but concentrating one one or two at first. For refining I thinking of concentrating on one or two taking them up and then branching out when I have the time aka xp. Any suggestion on what to start with would be appreciated. Pvp well I Die very well there a reson the first 3 letter in two of my characters name is Die. I had my first 1-4 pvp death in Pathfinder recently. It was in Thornekeep. He managed to find a place where he would not agro the guard and killed me a couple of times. Finally I pm him asking if he was finished having fun since as a lowly crafter I would not be much sport. He asked what I was auctioning I said a +1 bow. I then sold him the bow I had on me. When he asked why it was 15/20 I pointed dout it had gotten damage from the 5 death he just gave me.
  8. Welcome to the forums Diella :)

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