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    1. Grim

      Happy Birthday Rowen!

    2. Grim

      Happy Birthday Rowen!

    3. Name: Rowen Rank: not usually, I do shower. Sorry bad pun. I got started in TT long ago, mid 80's. First pc I rolled was I front of DM using his dice. 3-18s, 2- 17s, and a 16. Started higher abilities than DM he got pissed and killed me off within the first 5 min of play. Started in an alley way with no doors or windows, and 4 orcs on both ends of alley. I had no weapons or armor of any kind. It stopped me from playing for many years. Currently my groups are on a break, but we usually play on Wendsday and Friday nights. Pathfinder and home grown pathfinder and forgotten realms hybrid.
    4. Grim

      Welcome to the forums Rowen :)

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