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    Really... there is no Box that can sum me up. I am me.

    But here's a start:
    My Lord God, Family; Friends; Frolicking; Being Random or otherwise aloof; Writing; Conceptualizing; Videography; Audiography; Photography; Teaching; Steak; Vegan-friendly carnivore food; etc, etc, etc.
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  1. hehe... didn't know i had one... https://www.bungie.net/en/Profile/ReferAFriend?code=RAF-A9C-LYD-9NM
  2. LIVESTREAM JUNE 9, 2018 Discover more about Anthem at EA PLAY. Launching early 2019. 1. A New Trailer 2. More Gameplay 3. Combat Showcase 4. Developer Insights 5. A Look Behind The Curtain Anthem launches in early 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation® 4, and PC. https://www.ea.com/news/5-things-coming-to-ea-play-for-anthem
  3. Remember the fallen servicemen and women... this is their day.
  4. Take a moment to pause and remember the fallen courageous and brave men and women who have served and fought for this country and the freedoms we hold so dear.
  5. Sharing a poem I wrote... I recorded it for a church service in 2013.
  6. Yeah... one can only hope at this point. EA has also basically has doubled down on loot boxes... so rest assured micro-transactions will be in Anthem.
  7. Pretty sure everyone will agree... do what you need to in RL first. Virtual stuff can wait. You're making a good move in refocusing.
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