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  1. Target Location #11

    1st again! (0 Points Earned - Doing it for fun! )
  2. So, this month a couple leads left Bioware...

    Pretty sure this just means the story is intact as far as the core of the universe of Anthem... now it's just polishing the mechanics, etc... Drew has left BioWare before and come back, but we'll see. I'm so looking forward to this game... I really hope this doesn't portend something worse down the line.
  3. So, this month a couple leads left Bioware...

    Hall Hood (Austin studio lead writer) has left.
  4. Drew Karpyshyn came back... I'm assuming just to help out, and he's gone again...
  5. A New Guardian Rises From The Ashes

  6. Target Location #10

    Because I can... (0 Points Earned - Doing it for fun! )
  7. Welcome EthanRedmace!

    So glad to have you here in the Covenant of the Phoenix community at the SWTOR chapter! Make yourself comfortable and take a look around. We hope you'll enjoy your stay here!
  8. EthanRedmace Member Application

    Welcome to Covenant of the Phoenix and the SWTOR Chapter! We hope you enjoy your stay!
  9. Welcome CinRyel!

    Welcome to The Covenant of the Phoenix community! Cop a squat and belly up! We've got a lot goin' on! Thanks for joining us in SWTOR!
  10. CinRyel Member Application

    Welcome to our Community and Swtor! You will receive an invitation to the Swtor group shortly! We hope you enjoy your time with us!
  11. Target Location #9

    HEEELP!! (0 Points Earned - Doing it for fun! )
  12. Target Location #6

    (0 Points Earned - Doing it for fun! )
  13. Target Location #7

    (0 Points Earned - Doing it for fun! )
  14. Target Location #8

    *this is the angle you are looking for* (0 Points Earned - Doing it for fun! )
  15. Target Location #5

    FINALLY!!! Cue Tusken shout! (0 Points Earned - Doing it for fun! )