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  1. Shae


    Congrats Vessa!
  2. There are trader carts by the north gate. They are empty and not stuck. Please put them back EMPTY when you are done using them and be careful when placing them so we don't have to call a GM for a 5th time to get one unstuck.
  3. Shae

    Holiday zombies?

    Holy moly, that was an intense first day. With the mod, is the idea that we get together in the same place and make a settlement? I saw some of the new skills that looked very group oriented.
  4. I've just got on the 7 days train, are any of the servers still active, or would anyone be interested if I started one up for some holiday zombie action?
  5. Shae

    War begins Monday

    Hey, I think we saw you on today but didn't know it was you. We can get you hooked up tomorrow!
  6. Sooo, Manticore this weekend?
  7. The Island is currently lagging very badly. Been kicked off a couple of times due to server timeouts.
  8. Submissions for the Halloween screenshot contest are open! Send your best BDO screenshot with yourself and a Halloween theme! First place prize is 10,000 beer Second place prize is 3,000 beer Third place prize is 500 beer Send your screenshots to bdoscreenshotcontest@gmail.com by October 28. Please include your family name as the subject line. One entry per person. Some restrictions apply. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited.
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