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  1. Happy Birthday Lazurkri!

  2. Happy Birthday Lazurkri!

  3. And as I thought, noone did care...
  4. This ccomputer is dead. Well, not quite; it will only start in safe mode. So yeah, not quite dead.c lose to it. And like I was afraid of, I cannot replace it. for at least a few months; I need to pay for car repair bills, I don't have many hours at my works, etc. So close to no money joy of joys.... So I'm going to have to sell off my ships, unless a miracle happens and I get more money somehow. But miracles are something that happen to others, so thats not going to happen. So yeah, need to sell my ships and I have no clue how to do so, so..... Anyone want to buy a LTI redeemer?
  5. For anyone who has actually bothered to read these (and this) blog post(s,) congrats, I didn't think anyone ever would. No comments, so it wasn't anything special, but oh well, everything I do is shite anyway. Case in point; the computer I am using, and my inability to replace it. I've been trying my damndest to scrounge the money for a new one before this one gives up the ghost; I tried, and failed, as this comp will now only start in safe mode. And joy, I'm still short for enough to get a replacement. So yeah, this comp will fail anytime now, I can't get a new one, so I'm not going to be around. Not that anyone cares of course, but I thought I might as well inform you guys. Add to that the enormous personal and family related problems I am having, and well.... now the title makes sense, doesn't it? Story of my life, really; struggle and struggle and Murphy shows up and things get worse. Oh well. Maybe "things will get better" as people keep telling me.... I don't think they will, but who knows? Maybe my boss will advance me some wages.... Which isn't likely. Who knows, maybe someone I know will help out, though I doubt it... On that note, I'm going to try to sell off the ships I bought for Star Citizen..... Perhaps one of the people here will buy a LTI Redeemer...... With that, I'm signing off, possibly for the foreseeable future, perhaps forever if my situation keeps getting worse... Been fun. I doubt anyone here cares, But I'd like to think you guys do.
  6. Where to start? Game of Thrones is shaping up to be a great show, Age of Ultron is awesome, Tomorrowland sucks, Mad Max is a great return to the franchise, and, oh yeah, ISIS is running nuts! Long story short; So long as the Iraqi army are the only ones with boots actually on the ground, I don't see ISIS being taken out. Air power can only do so much, conventionally anyway.... I really don't think people are quite to the point of wanting to see a light brighter than the sun pop into existance. Same goes for seeing a certain mixture of chemicals rain from the skies. Ditto for our ancient buddy Pestilence, although that little Djinni isn't something you want out of his Trifoil and triple circle labelled bottle. Ever. I do suppose you could go the Cookie Cutter route, drop a GBU-43, but unfortunatly, ISIS does have MANPAD's they looted. So that's out. The real thing I am wondering is why Iran hasn't tried to take over Iraq with their own army; I know they are heavily involved with supporting anti-ISIS militia's and stuff, but we saw what happened with the Muj in Afghanistan when the Soviets invaded; they did their job, then turned and became a problem. Potentially same problem. But Iraq is so weak right now.... or rather, their leadership is. I mean, usually when one army has more troops and arms they win. Usually. But of course, Leadership is the trump card. More than a few great leaders have won with lesser amounts of troops and arms. Or, when one side has troops that cut and run at the first sign of problems, that can account for it. Long and short of it is, the West will likely have to step in to handle matters. Again. Unless Iran steps in.
  7. Yeah I know; I overly analyze things. Actually, I'd be amazed to see anything larger than a 'C' in atmos... A 'D' or a 'E' would be too bloody large to bring down to a soft landing; I'd imagine they'd be laid down, launched, and die without ever entering a planets atmosphere
  8. Not even them; gravitational forces and wind currents, recall? if a platform is actually IN the atmosphere, no, a fully loaded Hull above "B" class likely wouldn't be able to compensate for gravity ( If CIG does factor it in), much less the weather.... And likely not even them. You'd need a hardened craft to survive, which the Hulls aren't. However, if the platform is merely "Tethered" to the gas giant (using a counterweight and thrusters to compensate for drag) with only the gas extraction equipment in the atmos, then of course any of the Hulls could dock; the gas processing equipment would be above the atmosphere. Gravity WOULD still be a problem of course....
  9. I think it is out-of-date, as I doubt a ship with that much cargo on the rails could survive entry into a planets atmosphere...
  10. I meant a hanger module FOR the Hull E to mount,so it could carry full sized fighters... Thought that was obvious....
  11. I like this system, but I could see a huge "Hanger" module for HUll E's only where you can assemble fighters, and fly them out to dock on top of a "Landing Pad", rather than having to stick to snubfighters; after all, a Hull E won't be moving too fast, so having a full sized fighter clamped on wouldn't have issues.
  12. Ugghh... Why did I wake up at 4:30AM? There is no reason why I should have woken up now.... Well, whatever. Time to get ready for the day.....

  13. Breaking news! American Media has the attention span of a gnat and the priorities of Justin Bieber! Confused? Let me clarify; Whilst people are dying in Nepal and the entire country is pretty much screwed, the American Media seems hilariously fixated on what is happening down in Baltimore, at least when it comes to TV and Satellite radio, with nothing but "Breaking News out of Baltimore!" reports constantly. Now, I've been keeping tabs on what is going on, and I do agree, something has to be done, as its rather hard for a man to sever his own spine and fracture multiple vertebrae whilst in police custody. Yes, I do agree that the rioting is bad Shi.t,especially when the freaking National Guard gets called out. But for fucks sakes, it doesn't have to take up ALL the airtime, especially when there are other, arguably more news worthy things happening, like the aforementioned crisis in Nepal. Strangely, despite death, destruction, and chaos drawing reporters like a corpse does flies, major news networks are more fixated on Baltimore; while there has been destruction in Baltimore, its NOTHING like what we are seeing out of Nepal, where, for all intents and purposes, the countries capital is trashed. I don't get it; is it "It's not OUR people" syndrome? Meaning that anything that happens in America automatically takes massive priority over a natural disaster? Or is it racism of a sorts ; "they're Asian, we don't care; 'Muricans first!". I mean, come on; the more attention drawn to this MASSIVE NATURAL DISASTER that happened, the more people will actually care. Then again, massive media presence didn't help out that civil war in Darfur did it? People still dying, the funding drying up, shi.te even worse than it was, and not a peep out of major western media. Or how about Haiti? Haiti is still all screwed up, and the money is literally being pissed away there, with corruption at massive proportions. But does anyone really seem to notice? Ehhhhh... no. Honestly, I think Western Media needs to grow a conscience or something, because this is just absurd how things are going. As before, not sure if anyone is actually going to bother to read this, but meh, I had time to kill, and I'm bored.
  14. Modularity system; cargo pods are simply "Modules" that contain cargo, not ship systems. Relatively easy to add "Mission Modules" of weapons to the cargo racks, although I doubt we'll have really good quality ones. Probably be high damage, low recharge, as I doubt the ships reactor would be powerful enough to direct charge a entire series of energy weapons. Same wouldn't neccessarily apply to ballistic weapons, but of course, ammunition would likely be limited to whatever the pod itself could carry, which would likely limit the guns usefulness to point defense and limited antifighter work. Missiles are another story, of course, as all you need for a missile is a command data link, and a power feed, and you're good to go, so I COULD see someone with a truly impressive amount of cash loading up a E with missile pallets galore and flooding space with missiles. I can't even calculate how many missiles someone could carry, either; the freelancer MIS can carry, what? 70-odd with its bay full of missiles? that'd be, maybe, 4 full sized cargo pods that the E could carry, and the E can haul hundreds of massive pods.
  15. Not a chance; you have to remember, economics will be just as valid a career path as fighter pilot, so there will be plenty of people cargo hauling. And the Hull -E is the "Emma Mærsk" of haulers, so there will always be profit to be made flying one,thus those into hauling will be trying to and obtaining one, and so on; there just won't be many of them at launch, at least privately owned. I DO forsee a LOTof org owned ones on the other paw.
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