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  • Welcome to 2021, let's hope it is better than 2020.
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    1. I went with the high mayor tier, because I had a feeling it would be not as fun for me going any higher.
    2. So I am going to need to liquidate my SOTA stuff due to the lady friends mom passing away and a stack of medical bills, is their a place I can plop down my house and get some screen shots? Been a horrible couple of months.
    3. Ach forgot Life was in that area! Safe Travels!! I am working on enchanting as well, I got a deal on silver and gold ore last week that made it to good to be true. I have found out it seems the skills you can masterwork onto armor or weapons seems to be based on your main skill, I got my first armor with a bonus to glancing blow today at 89.
    4. I am definitely having fun again, I just hope and pray they revisit or change the crafting guy, the crafting situation needs a ton of help atm. I think we should try doing some gathering events to help crafters stuck at certain points, sadly I think this would just evolve into everyone needing silver
    5. The housing situation is a lot like UO, at the beginning they let people have to many houses on one account or to many accounts, and allowed them to take up quite a bit of prime npc town territory. Because of all the prime territory already being taken up alot of people I knew who had interest in the game have kinda just thrown it to the side, not many wanted to throw a ton of money at it just to get good property. I think if they do a purge like what happened on UO they will get more new players interested in the game.
    6. The big thing that chased away players is the way they decided to do housing, I will admit they could have handled that system way better. The resource gathering gets harder when you decide you want to enchant or enhance then it becomes a how much time do I want to invest into getting silver and gold ore. The gaining of crafting experience is a big sore spot as well, if someone wants to be a GM Alchemist they get to spend hours and hours mining for ore or other things just to build up exp.
    7. I will also come and see what they have changed, the combat changes was getting annoying. I have also been playing Dark and Light and 7 Days to Die so games all over the place as well.
    8. Drothar

      Looks Good

      Oh we are not playing on the official servers, I have my own server up. I do not pvp in EA games anymore, I will be opening the server up to COTP people tonight if they want to try it in a PVE instance.
    9. Drothar

      Looks Good

      Vraith is an enabler! He kept me on until 5 am
    10. I was on their for a bit today, but I will have to learn the game all over again lol.
    11. I am not sure how my house is still doing lol. I hope to be able to get on sometime this weekend.
    12. I have been busy doing some personal security jobs, but I am home now. I will probably try and get on some as nothing needs my attention for a few months.
    13. I will try and get with you here soon, I really hated that Jeepers pass myself.
    14. I do not remember what kind of deed it is that I have, was it a town one?
    15. Think that is a different one, only guy who was playing on mine for awhile was Storm. It was a host issue around the 11th for me, I had un-nested the scorched earth server a few days before the 11th and when they finally took it offline I got a message. Seems a little suspect As of early this morning on December 11th, one of our billing system's application servers encountered a crash which resulted in the corruption of multiple sections of our database. The crashed application was automatically restarted, which resulted in it taking longer for our team to identify the fault. To prevent loss of data, we worked to resolve the matter by repairing the affected items. Unfortunately, resolving today's issues took significantly longer than expected. Currently, everything is now back online and fully functional. Clients who have experienced service issues where our systems/configuration are at fault, but were unable to contact us via the support ticket system are eligible for service extension to compensate for the system being non-functional. If invoice payments were made but have not been marked as such, please submit a support ticket and we'll correct that for you immediatley. We are taking every step necessary to prevent this from recurring, and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. This sort of event is by no means something we'd define as appropriate, nor the type of service which we've built our brand off of. Thank you, Team Host Havoc
    16. Np Spry, if their is a spot open for my house at the new area I could get on and move their.
    17. We had an issue with them a week back, I lost my INI files but I had most of the other stuff saved. It took like 2 days of troubleshooting to get it back up and going. Not had a spike like that with the memory though, was the server pure vanilla? We had an issue with dino count causing the dimetrodon spawn to be insane and crashing us. The Extinction mod is so so, if its ok I could open my server up to the COTP peeps if any want to try it.
    18. I have been busy with a lot of games claiming my attention, once they bring the Tek Tier stuff into ARK I will be done with it and I am almost done with the new FF.
    19. Trying to put it on my server atm, but I guess everyone is because I am having a helluva time connecting to steam for it on the mod udpater.
    20. I would be interested in that Sky, I have a server sitting in the closet that I could setup, just curious how much bandwidth people pull joining from outside.
    21. Will do! I have learned quite a bit about admin'ing a ARK server, and I would highly suggest Admin Command Menu mod for admins, that mod saves so much time!
    22. They are going great, sorry it took me so long to reply back. My sleeping schedule is wonky as all hell, specially since I am addicted to ARK again.
    23. Is their a place that shows how to load mods up to Host Havoc servers? And how to configure the server settings?
    24. Hrmm, I think I will end up just taking in donations from the friends. I still play BDO and Shroud of the Avatar off and on, I need my time! Thanks Elric!
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