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  1. Wolf of odin changed name to Copadkor Wolf

  2. There needs to be a game for it! Need to watch that anime again
  3. Love the darker than black pic
  4. How you been throne Okay posting in the chapters would be better? Lol fine then I will go but staying here to
  5. Hail the Gods Hail the Ancestors

  6. My brother has a ps4 so every now and then I may jump on it.
  7. Well I will have my pc in a few months hopefully lol
  8. I will soon be playing it hopefully in the next week
  9. What's going on everyone? Needing to get to know my fellow covenant members.
  10. If you play eso on Xbox one shoot me a msg I am getting my internet back hopefully next week and will need some ppl to game with.
  11. https://t.co/v8I9jjfsmp

  12. Thanks and I know I am late replying
  13. That will be kool and yea I am still building my gaming rig
  14. Hey I am about to get my internet back and I recently have gotten a Xbox and eso and looking for fellow covenant members to game with.
  15. I know I know I have been gone for awhile But I am back!!
  16. I am going to count how many ppl come into my work tomorrow high. Lol that's how bored I will most likely be haha

  17. Good Morning!! It's my day off and I am getting a haircut today!?! I know its surprising lol

  18. Good morning facebook!!

  19. Okay Winter go away!!! I want warmer weather now! I hate the coldness!! Lol so plz go away and let me enjoy going outside :)

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