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  1. Happy Birthday Weaver!

  2. Happy Birthday Weaver!

  3. Wow. Casual sexism. Yep, that's exactly what I was looking for in a guild.
  4. It IS game related, but no correct guesses so far! I adore Denver. I've only lived here a few years, but it would break my heart to move away.
  5. Although unfortunately the points are made up and can't be redeemed for any prizes. Anyway, my name is Jenn, though I go by Weaver on most of the Internet now. I'm new here; I saw the ad on the Crowfall forums and you seem like a decent lot so here I am.
  6. Hi guys! I'm new here; came in from the Crowfall forums. Is there anything I can do to help?
  7. I'm new.

    1. Damis


      Welcome to the family.

    2. Minflexzel


      Hi new, I'm Min!

  8. Welcome to the forums Weaver :)

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