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  1. swgreborn is 100% nge just checked it out, its still in beta, the questline seems to be broken, pretty much the only way to level is grind old school style, or use the frog. has JTL, after reading on the forums, its laggy, and some of the hitboxes are out of place. i havn't managed to find ship parts to let me actually go into space only use it as fast travel. oh and the pilot trainers as far as i can find are non existant.. so its either instant master or don't fly. was in eisley couldn't find the neutral trainer, going to look for the factional later...
  2. swg reborn is NGE, most of the others that i've seen are pre-CU. there is one still in the works that kind of combines the two.. its interesting but not alot of people there, farstar-reborn. it has a "force sensitive" class that can become jedi or sith, jedi being tanks and sith being dps... not sure if JTL is up and running. i would check out swgreborn , but it looks like you have to overwrite a bunch of files, and i don't want to install swg multiple times on my computer.
  3. played a bit on bloodfin, it has limited JTL, no enemies in space but they have a hidden dungeon in space... never made it very far, they allow way too many characters. like 4 characters an account 2 or more accounts per ip and give you 30k to start. money is like nothing there even starter items are hundreds of thousands of credits
  4. does COTP have a city? anyone even still play the EMU? me and a friend have been goofing around waiting on the swtor expansion to come out... have a tk and working on a BH right now. shadowkhat
  5. hey folks.. first off don't think i've had a chance to say thanks for all the help you've given great group of folks, have enjoyed being part of the guild... even if i'm mostly lurking while leveling lol. just wanted to let you guys know i'm taking a break before i get burned out... leveled every class to 50.. and a few to the max, just waiting for the expansion now, the repetitive parts were starting to get old and didn't want to abandon the game again, like i've done so many times in the past. Shadowkhat
  6. ok first off... i know only main in main guild.. but whats the limit for alts in the alt guild(s). i've been leveling like mad, down to two characters left to level a shadow and a sniper. my main is in the main republic guild and i think i have one alt in the alt guild. second. did the folks in this guild play SWG ? some of the names sound familiar, to some of the people i ran with in swg thankies
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