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  1. The more I think about the movie, the less I like it. It just feels so anticlimactic. I know it's hard to hit the mar since there was so much hype. part of the issue is the expanded universe has been going on for 30 years. The plotholes abound...and the scenes and lines lifted straight from past movies are getting old. Add to that almost zero character development and killing off characters that are overhyped with almost no screen time (looking at you Phasma). I really wanted Luke to be in a real lightsaber duel. I get that he's being a hermit, but the fact that he just 'gave up' and ran away after one moment of weakness I just don't understand. And Yoda never came to him before? Ever? In however many years that he was hiding?!?!?! And that he died was just stupid. I imagine Leia was supposed to die in the 3rd one (kill one character off per movie).
  2. Interesting. I was mostly through a Legacy of the Rakata and had someone drop during the final boss fight which caused a wipe. I then instinctively re-queued. But then I removed us from the queue and got the same error Sciclex did. However, before I could pull out a companion, someone joined the group even though we were not in the queue.
  3. Dulfy's guide is great. There is a good portion of solo questing that needs to happen before you unlock the heroics at the end of the quest chain, but they only take a few hours. As I said above, I think I only spent 20 minutes per planet. http//dulfy.net/2013/03/26/swtor-macrobinocular-and-seeker-droid-missions-guide/
  4. Now that I have some more time, let's see if we can pick this up. Anyone else still need these and want in?
  5. Commendation conversion rates were posted this morning. http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=899194 Sorry for any of you who (like me) have more than 40K warzone comms on a character.
  6. Maybe I missed it, but has BioWare talked about the specifics of the drops from these Command Crates? Is every one of them going to be a set bonus piece and include other stuff as well? Or are we going to be opening massive numbers of crates giving us companion gifts, mounts, crafting mats, and MK-2 pieces? Most of the math for odds calculations I see people posting assume you'll get a set bonus piece in every crate. With all these changes, that just sounds too generous.
  7. The RNG idea is just stupid. Gear based on my class. Meaning I have to run everyone through content to get gear rather than take what character I want through it to get new gear for an alt. I wasn't here at launch, but didn't people hate class specific drops? Why does BioWare constantly regress on things? I know people didn't like expertise (I found it annoying to change gear for what I wanted to do), but now we're going to run into the issue that everyone always brings up - all the Hardmode/Nightmare players get better gear and just come into pvp and wreck everyone. Unless they're also removing all gear stats when you enter a warzone, or keeping it so anything over item rating X debolsters you. **conspiracy theory** They're making this so stupid and will piss off enough people and have them unsub, so come January when they have a livestream about new ops, they'll get to say "nobody plays them, so we're not going to develop any more". ***end conspiracy*** Also, without comms, how do we get gear when levelling? I know it's nearly irrelevant, but still....are they going to take gear away too? Or just shove everyone into the cookie-cutter static gear that drops? That unsubscribe button is looking better and better...
  8. I haven't finished either, but my game time is extremely limited these days because of real life.
  9. Not sure if people saw this, so I figured I would post it here.. Shintar (of the Going Commando blog), a gamer in the UK, got a significant number of questions about flashpoints answered by BioWare's head developer, Michael Backus. If you guys haven't seen her blog (mostly about SWTOR), it's pretty good and she has some clever and insightful commentary on the game. While people may have different opinions about the quality and substance of content in the "interview", it's excellent to see the developers answering questions about their philosophy and direction of at least one aspect of the game. Blog: https://swtorcommando.blogspot.com/2016/09/bioware-answers-some-questions-about.html SW Forums: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?p=9059653#post9059653 Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/swtor/comments/53iw0i/bioware_answers_some_questions_about_flashpoints/
  10. Grats guys! Hope you feel better soon Govic. Here's mine. I don't recall what I saved until last right now, but it was something silly that I could do on my main to get all rewards on that toon (I had planned it all out from the start).
  11. Got my pub toon to the heroic part now too. Sorry I missed tonight. Lets try and knock out the heroics this week. Anyone have a preferred day/time?
  12. Grrrr indeed. Not happy with a LOT of what I see here. Maybe it's just people trolling (I hope). As a tangentially related note, I still don't understand the "dumbing" down of classes. Does Bioware believe that if they make everything stupidly easy that people will flock back to this game? Or are they hoping that all the people who get the Star Wars bug when the new movies come out will stay?
  13. Well, I'm at the heroic stage for my Imperial character. I'll need to start up my Republic one quickly. It's pretty amazing how much faster it is now that we have heroic travel and no cooldown on quick travel between bases. I'd say I haven't spent more than 15-20 minutes on any planet.
  14. Awesome, we're on our way to getting this done. Partway or waiting on final quests? Which faction?
  15. I was planning to start the Macrobinocular and Seeker Droid missions and wanted to see if anyone else has an interest in them. Does anyone still have the ending Heroic 4s in their quest log? Anyone give up along the way? Since I've only done it once on Republic side and never on Imperial, I'll be running both sides. Anyone is free to join up for digging or for the final quests. If you're partway though note that and maybe we can meet up along the way (faction helps too).
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