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  1. Happy Birthday Skiye Lotus!

  2. Hey Rashin! We have plenty of people that still want to raid that do not have a raid group, or did not fit into our current raid group times, so if you are interested in raiding, or leading a raid group let me know! Send me a message here, reply to the raid link,((http://www.covenantofthephoenix.com/forums/topic/51481-raiding-40-interested-apply-within/)), or shoot me a message in discord on what jobs, (if other than MNK, I think most FC groups will not have an issue with taking a monk we had one ourselves) and your timeslot preferred so i can put you on our spreadsheet!
  3. LMAO - Fatalia with her not so deadly, but wildly annoying sense of karma!
  4. What time does the night start for you and what time zone? That way I can get you on my spreadsheet and see who I can link you too
  5. That sounds awesome! We have 3 raid groups already and would accept any help to get some more going! It will need to be updated though, I can work with fatalia tonight to update it and let you know, I do not have edit rights.
  6. Hello fellow Free Company Peeps! I have been trying to get everyone who is interested in raiding to send me some information for 4.0 so we can start working on more raid groups to get started! Currently we have 3 active raid groups and I feel with the people that are interested we could definitely get at least 1 maybe 2, possibly 3 more groups going! How AWESOME would that be to have 6 raid groups running during Stormblood? So if you are interested I have a few things that I would like to get from each and everyone of you to make the process a bit easier. 1. Who are you? 2. Class preferred This doesn't have to be set in stone, obviously with the changes this may not stay the same, however an idea will help with placement A secondary class would be helpful too - fill ins/helping out etc another class you are ok with playing once in a while 3. Times - When are you available 4. Raid Type preferred No Progression (So help once raid tiers have been cleared farmed and we are experts!) Casual Progression (Nothing too hardcore, it comes as it comes, etc) Medicore Progression (Critism will be constructive and you must be able to accept it and learn from you, you must also be ok with giving it to your peers)This is where most of our current raid groups reside, if you decide to fill in on nights where we might need help, please make sure you can handle these situations without taking offense to what we are saying. We will always be respectable and if you have issues with something that happened talk to the raid leader.) Poor performance within the raid group for continuous raid nights may lead to removal and replacement with the raid group. This is a WORST case scenario and will be up to the raid leader in partnership with Pus'n Boots, (Formally known as Skiye Lotus), so please make sure you are willing to learn, study, practice, and do better in your role. Hardcore (We do not have any Hardcore groups in the FC - if there are enough people interested one can be started but will be at the mercy of that Raid Leader completely. As you signed up to be in a hardcore group.)Poor performance within the raid group for continuous raid nights may lead to removal and replacement with the raid group. This is a WORST case scenario and will be completely up to the raid leader. 5. Any experience you have with Savage Raid Content in FFXIV - This game is quite different than others, though it will give you an idea of what raiding is like to have raided in other games, it is not entirely the same and will give us an idea of where everyone is and where we can help out with each individual! Nier Nokto is currently looking for raid members and is a Medicore group - the first two weeks of raid content you will be expected to raid 7 days a week - That is 14 days in a row! If you are interested in joining Nier Nokto's raid group, Version VII, here is his recruitment link: https://www.reddit.com/r/FFXIVRECRUITMENT/comments/6d66j5/primalleviathanlslfmmc_static_raid_lf_warschmelee/ If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Skiye Lotus, either here, the game, or in discord skiye#1179. Thank you future raiders and fellow FC peeps!
  7. RDM HYPE! Already got my glamour, name change, and working on the accent for the full effect!
  8. Hello! I am actually redownloading it now so I can dabble a bit in it as well. Its been a while since ive played.. the new warden class coming out in June looks pretty cool though!
  9. Naked Race 2.0! Eorzea - Duh! Meet Up at FC House - Outside PRIZES GALORE!!! WHEN - Sunday April 9, 2017 7 PM EST What exactly is a naked race? As it states, we will be doing a 3 tiered race (three different races with a point system) - NAKED - no armor, no accessories, just your main hand weapon, your sprint key, and your ability to navigate tough, dangerous, and sometimes fatal, areas! - THERE WILL BE MODERATORS - Any violations to the rules will result in being disqualified!! Please DO NOT CHEAT!! Rules - Just Dab! No Armor - None just your main hand! NO NINJAS! - Run buff is cheating! NO BARD MUSIC - Run Buff CHEATER! NO MOUNTS! - FASTER RUN IS CHEATING! Have fun!!!! (discord taunting is totally OK!) Respectively of course! PRIZES!! First Place Choice of Hunting Hawk or Bullpup 500k Primal weapon OR Minion of up to 300k Second Place 250k Gil Primal Weapon or Minion up to 200k Third Place 100k Gil Choice of a minion up to 100k
  10. The LaLa Fund Raiser came to an amazing end! With only hours left our FC raised the 45 million needed to change Fatalia, Rain, and I into Lalas!!! BOOM!! ENCOURAGEMENT! Here is Rain as a Lala! Isn't she so cute?? You just want to pinch those cheeks for hours!!! From left to right we have, Fatalia, Skiye, Nier, and Cornell! The first of four in the Lala Spriggan Brigade! Thank you to everyone who donated! The gil that the FC received will go to many things for the entire FC and we are super excited to put the gil to good use! We will hopefully be doing more fund raisers in the future to help support everyone and their needs/wants in the FC! Thanks again! And lets keep fatalia busy so she can not raise the money to change back!
  11. Thank you thank you! I will try my hardest not to let anyone down
  12. No we had discussed that with Fatalia, but Just was always just the milestone, and then we realized it was completely unfair, and we should really make it something fun and not torture! Haha, we don't want them quitting til stormblood because they can't raise the same amount or don't want to look at their character.
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