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  1. Happy Birthday gunnypathfinder!

  2. Hey everyone, I am looking to purchase these items, I can purchase them off the GTN but would rather buy from guildmates. Let me know if anybody has these items and are willing to sell. Hit me up in-game (Bronius & Sentire are the ones I am usually on) or send me message here. Thanks all and see you in game Gunny
  3. I opened some packs here is what I have, let me know if you would like anything (some are still on cooldown)! ISO Revan Reborn Armor Set For Trade ARMOR Honored Champions Robe Casual Vandal Armor Set Relaxed Track Suit Armor Set Subversive Armor Set Feral Visionary Armor Set Forest Scout Armor Set Overwatch Shield Armor Set Darth Skotia's Supplementary Body Armor x2 Darth skotia's Upper Body Armor x4 Darth Skotia's Lower Body Armor Exiled Knight's Upper Body Armor Exiled Knight's Supplementary Body Armor Exiled Knight's Lower Body Armor x2 Mercenary Slicer's Upper Body Armor x2 Mercenary Slicer's Supplementary Body Armor x2 Squadron Ace's Upper Body Armor x2 Squadron Ace's Supplementary Body Armor Squadron Ace's Lower Body Armor x2 Resistance Fighter's Supplementary Body Armor x2 Zakuul Knight-Captain's Supplementary Body Armor PETS White Womp Weasel Virusclaw Subteroth R1-H5 Astromech Droid Cyberlamp Mewvorr MOUNTS Czerka Runabout Jewelled Orobird Ikas XK-7 Meirm Badger Tion SY-6 Rendili Shadow Prairie Kybuck Korrealis Marquis CRYSTALS Advanced Blue-Cyan-Indigo Indestructible Advanced Purple Outline Eviscerating Advanced Yellow Blue Indestructible Advanced Silver-Blue Hawkeye Advanced White-Black War Hero Advanced Desert Green Hawkeye Advanced Desert Green War Hero x2 Advanced Desert Green Eviscerating Advanced Desert Green Indestructible Advanced Magenta Outline Indestructible Advanced Blood Red Indestructible Advanced Cyan-Blue Hawkeye Advanced Black-Orange Striated Indestructible WEAPONS Indomitable Vanquisher's Lightsaber Classic Double-Bladed Vibrosword x2 Antique Socorro Saberstaff Dorn Classic Lightweight Vibrosword Insurrectionist's Sniper Rifle x5 Antique Socorro Blaster Aurek Vigorous Battler Lightsaber Insurrectionist's Blaster DLA-13 Heavy Blaster Rifle Unstable Arbiter's Lightsaber
  4. Thanks Cair, I will hit you up in game! Phyre, thanks for the info! I have been in two branches now, I guess I like change, lol. I know you guys are busy and I intend to be there with you guys once my schedule pans out a little better (teaching a course starting today till the 11th, then attending a 10 week course after that). I will definitely be hitting everybody up as I hit some walls. Again, thanks for the info and I will see you all in game!
  5. Hey CotP!! In the past I tanked in EQ (I know old school) and WoW. When I switched over to SWTOR I strictly went DPS, wanted to try something else. Well I have the itch again to tank. I am building my set now, I have the full 208 set right now, working on others as I learn to tank here. If anybody would like to join me doing FPs as I build and learn, I would love to have you. I can't guarantee a win, but I can guarantee lots of laughs at my expense and probably many of deaths as I learn the dance again. I am usually on in the evenings, work dependent, federal holidays, and always on over the weekends. Hit me up here, PM, or in game. The main toons I have on the pub side are Bronius (wannabe tank), Sentire, and Korsars. I might be on my two Imps Acinaces (Marauder) and Vânator (BH). Look forward to hearing from you guys and see you in game! Gunny
  6. Welcome to the forums gunnypathfinder :)

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