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  1. There certainly are a lot of reused shapes. On the CotP grid I found a few that I only saw once. Unique candidates: F8 (upside down shoe), K9 (cluster of smaller islands) O7 (looks like sea horses?) Might be more, but that's what I found with a few minutes of looking
  2. Aviyum -- Watching this one, most likely release if I pull the trigger, but possibly earlier
  3. Very cool article! Might have to spend some more time with my settings, I didn't realize what everything did. Currently running 4k monitor with a GTX 1080 gpu and the i7-6700 processor. Ive been running on high, and haven't noticed any issues. Next time I'm in I'll check my fps. Seems pretty smooth. I didn't know the game supported SLI, may consider adding a second card in the future.
  4. Avium

    New to Ark

    This is going to be a super noob question, but how do I get from the signature link to a server to join you guys? I was playing on the island, and I found that one by searching for Covenant of the Phoenix. I'd like to check out the center map Update: I found the website that specifies the server. Now I need to get it to show up on my Session List. I feel like I'm missing something important, because I can't get it to show up Update: I figured it out!
  5. "Special" or "Top Quality" definitely yield a lot less, especially if you get to 120%. 13-15 is pretty typical for me at 120%
  6. Grim

    Welcome to the forums Avium :)

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