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    1. If I was a betting man, I would say that it is all them people working from home.
    2. Gotcha. So kind of like it is in ESO. Less of a single community and more of a mesh network. Either way if you see me online can you throw me an invite? So far typical MMO. Fetch quests out the wazoo. prolly haven't gotten into any of the good stuff yet.
    3. Nevermind. I am an idiot. Listed right under the banner.
    4. I figured if we start to chant, it might come sooner.
    5. Hey all, I just downloaded the game and wanted to check things out. Can't really find a sticky thread out there. What server is the guild on? Rashin.3057 is my handle
    6. This is all that I could think of. 1) Depending on Router, create parental control policy. I have a linksys and am able to restrict certain ip addresses to certain URLs. Printer IP address, or host could be used for that device. 2) Remove printer cartridges until approved use.
    7. Rashinderp since Rashin, Rash_in were taken.
    8. Game is looking pretty good from the vids and the screenies. What is the Javelin on the far right? Scuba-Steve? I am assuming far left is Ranger, Middle-left Interceptor, middle-right, the tank one (name vacated me).
    9. Hello all, Just wanted to put a tid bit of information out here as there was recently a ToS change with Discord. Basically the change was in regards to dispute resolution. It will be bound by arbitration and consumers will lose the right to perform a class action lawsuit. The ToS also stated that we have the ability to Opt out of arbitration without penalty within 90 days of the ToS going active. This information is important and relevant since the company that controls Discord has personally identifiable and confidential information. Think IP addresses, email addresses, Credit Card #s, etc. If there was ever a mishandling of that information or a leak/breach where this information was made available elsewhere, we would lose the ability to produce a class action lawsuit to hold the company liable. It would be handled individually with an arbitrator. Copied from ToS Page of discord: Hey there! These are our new Terms of Service that we're putting in place with the launch of the Discord store! If you're signing up for a new account, purchasing a game, downloading a game, or subscribing to Nitro, these Terms apply to you. For everyone else, these Terms will go into effect on November 2, 2018. I am not gonna paste the entire section but it is listed in the Dispute Resolution section of the above link. The relevant portion of this is that all of it can be fixed by sending an email. This was a snippit from the ToS in the Dispute Resolution section: Opt-Out Right. You have the right to opt out and not be bound by the provisions requiring arbitration by sending written notice of your decision to opt out to Discord by email to arbitration-opt-out@discord.com. The notice must be sent within 90 days of this Terms of Service taking effect, or your account creation on the Service. If you do not opt out via this method, you will be bound to arbitrate disputes in accordance with the terms of these paragraphs. If you opt out of the provisions requiring arbitration, Discord will not be bound by them either. If any clause within this Arbitration Section is found to be illegal or unenforceable, that specific clause will be severed from this section, and the remainder of its provisions will be given full force and effect. Survival. This Arbitration section shall survive any termination of your account or the Service. If all else when reading this, a simple email would be all that it would take to enable you in participating in a class action lawsuit if this should ever happen. Personally, I would rather send the email to be sure, then to not send it and be unable to do anything about it later on. Your friendly itch on the butt, Rashin
    10. Yes. That ryhmed. Just finished downloading this behemoth of a game. Giving it a whirl. Is there still people active in ESO from CotP?
    11. OMG bobby is playing WoW?! jk. welcome. I am also giving it a go. Am liking it so far. Just a tip. Shadow priest = balance sage/madness sorc for playstyle. :D.
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