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  1. If you have 144ghz monitor you need to adjust settings to enable games take advantage of this. Start "NVIDIA control panel" On left select "Manage 3D settings" it will open (in same cases this is default option) and in main window select "Preferred refresh rate" select "highest available" (default "application controled") You also can play with NVIDIA GeForce Experience". Here what do do if NVIDIA does not detect game: The problem is that GeForce Experience is looking for "blackdesert_launcher.exe". But in release version of the game we have launcher .exe file with different name: "Black Desert Online Launcher.exe". What I did to fix that: copy "Black Desert Online Launcher" and rename copied .exe file to "blackdesert_launcher". Go to GeForce Experience and press "Refresh game list (F5)" All .exe files you can find here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Black Desert Online Hope it will help you guys! P.S.: Aware if you system shows/hides extensions for know files (in our case ".exe") P.P.S.: Don't use newly created "blackdesert_launcher.exe" - this file just flag for GFE. Don't try to execute game from GFE. This actions might lead you to Korean server. You must run the game as before this fix. https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/4a5wai/black_desert_and_geforce_experience_no_nvidia/ I boost my FPS from 30 to 45-50
  2. My IGN -Greygoose (lame I know) I know a bit your guild from DFO and most likely fought with you. I see that your guild history very close with mine. UO, DFO, ESO etc and I hope to find here like minded people and pleasant company.
  3. Welcome to the forums EarlGrey :)

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