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    1. Work is making me take a few days off. I either use it or lose it and I hate the idea of burning money. After I take care the honey do list, I will be up for some day time raiding. Mostly burning through dailies and trying to get conquest done. Alderan gets tedious on your own after a while.
    2. dread the idea of SWTOR on XBox, just a PC guy. I would hope they would keep it separate, or just end it and i will move on to another game.
    3. Leo

      Congrats Scorvi and Questrox!  

    4. I am using the mouse for steering and shooting w/ primary. 2ndary is w/ right mouse click. controlling speed and roll w/ keyboard.
    5. was reading through the forums, no luck w/ flight stick. Bioware has said that the game will not support it. I know people are setting up a x-box joystick and using it some how. Would love to figure that one out. I will be getting on around 5:30 - 6:00 this evening. I want to Fly IMP side this weekend.
    6. I'd be up for that. the way they have nerfed Sage, any improvment is welcome. I used to raid w/ Fi all the time as a DPS, now I hardly pull her out except to do SM or to heal. will you be focusing on single target or multiple?
    7. Grim

      Happy Birthday Leo3!

    8. Grim

      Happy Birthday Leo3!

    9. Grim

      Welcome to the forums Leo3 :)

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