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  1. Etheom

    Guild Update

    So close we can taste it! Good job brethren.
  2. Etheom

    Tree of Savior

    50% off sale ends soon $25 Founder Pack 1 http://store.steampowered.com/app/463640/ $15 Founder Pack 2 http://store.steampowered.com/app/463650/
  3. Will be sharing some quality videos that come my way. Enjoy.
  4. Sale ends when the game goes Free2Play in 1-2 weeks (to be announced). $25 Founder Pack 1 60 day Token (bonus exp, etc) 650 TP (cash shop currency) Companion to help you level 2 Hair Accessories 1 Stat reset potion 1 Skill reset potion $15 Founder Pack 2 30 day Token (bonus exp, etc) 380 TP (cash shop currency) 1 Hair Accessory If you played Ragnarok Online you'll love Tree of Savior. You can play for free soon but these packs have a great value. Founder Pack 1 values to $95+ Founder Pack 2 values to $50+ Be sure to theorycraft your builds! http://www.tosbase.com/tools/skill-simulator/ Leveling guide https://www.reddit.com/r/treeofsavior/comments/45xa7j/leveling_guide_for_ktos/
  5. Yes I corrected my post to B2P. This is their original announcement. They did recently mention and nudge the idea of subscription, but nobody knows the details and everyone is speculating/hoping it will be an optional subscription that gives us store credit or something like that. Indeed, the game is developing into a beautiful world and will be great to explore the hidden areas. However, I would be very surprised if they put the game in a position where it became my sole gaming interest as many MMO's of the past have.
  6. Mar Shral Siege: Zealot vs Sick Bastards Nithron Blood Ritual
  7. To be perfectly honest, I can see this game becoming great for community fun and sandbox fun, but anything seriously competitive doesn't seem plausible to me. The story is really cool, the role-playing depth is there, the sandbox freedom is there, but it lacks features that attract me still. Maybe they will surprise me in the coming year. Realistically my hope is the game will remain B2P after launch so I can explore the world and decorate my house, but I'll be playing other more competitive games too.
  8. Etheom

    Helpful links

    Nice thanks for the links! I'll look over them while we're down for maintenance... again... sigh @_@
  9. Etheom


    Thank you everyone for the warm welcome and I'm happy to have found you guys. Currently I'm playing Tree of Savior and casually exploring Shroud of the Avatar. I also have my eye on Darkfall Rise of Agon to see if they pull off their ambitious project. It's nice to see such a wide variety of active chapters in the guild and I look forward to meeting you all in the coming months. If you're playing Tree of Savior feel free to add me in-game on Etheom and let's get this party started! Cheers
  10. Etheom

    Guild Update

    I got a late start to the launch but I'll be working to get caught up and grind with you guys on my Diev/Monk.
  11. Thank you for the warm welcome everyone. Cheers
  12. I loved the original game and will be playing at release to see if they pull off the core fixes. Original Alfar model
  13. Etheom

    Guild Update

    Once I get my main lvled up and cash flow coming in I'll be ready to help in full force!
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