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  1. Welcome to the guild! I hope you enjoy your stay
  2. For Honor's Starter edition is Free for a limited time! Add it to your account now https://store.steampowered.com/app/304390/FOR_HONOR/
  3. Dada

    Knight Club

    Hey everyone, Gutter Arcade is releasing a new game called Knight Club and it is free as long as you subscribe by August 30, 2018! Click here and subscribe if interested. 😁 Free game for a limited time, so why not right?
  4. Oh wowies!! Congratulations Sha!!! 🤗
  5. Hello Adventurers! I know it is super early to even think about Christmas or 2019 because we're barely past the halfway mark of 2018. But, I would really like to host another event for the guild. Cause...why not, right? And starting in August is perfect because it'll give me and (hopefully) some of you some time to help me brainstorm some ideas! I won't tell you of the prizes because that would be cheating 🤔 Any idea is greatly appreciated! Thanks! Disclaimer: Event only available to current CotP members of the BDO Chapter
  6. Awww Singing Partner :< Good luck with everything! We'll be here still!
  7. Congratulations BraveDude8 and Touryu in winning from Category A! Both of you are eligible for a costume of your choosing (up to 2,200 pearls). I will not disregard Mentat's screenshots, and give you honorary mention! You can choose between a pet or undergarment.
  8. The event is [CLOSED] thank you for joining!!! I'll announce winners later today!
  9. XDDD Honors! Though though I can't give you much points since it wasn't the landscape screenies ;-;
  10. Welcome everyone to this small event. Let me take a moment of your time. The entire thing might take you a couple of minutes or maybe more depending on your knowledge of BDO's world map. But don't let it frustrate you! The event is very simple! All you have to do is find the locations shown on the screen shots, pose, angle and take a picture. There will be two screenshots per region, one that is fairly easy to duplicate and another that will be more challenging. Rules: Pick 1 screenshot per region (6 in total) from either categories. Pose and take a screenie. (My Vision Range is 55) The background should match as close to the screenshots as possible! Accuracy my friends! Reply to this thread with All the screenshots together to not spam this forum post. Event ends on April 18, 11:59pm cst. April 24, 11:59pm cst! (Cause...I've been busy ;-; <3 and want more people to join) IF the majority of your screenshots are from the "Challenge Yourself" category, the reward will be a costume equivalent to 2,200 pearls. IF the majority of your screenshots are from the "Chill, Have Fun" category, the reward will be a pet of any value. Winners are determined based on the accuracy of duplicating the location of the images. Posing like the model will give you bonus points! There will be two winners per category. So take a break from the grinding and discover the beauty of Black Desert Online! Category A: Challenge Yourself Category B:Chill, Have Fun
  11. This made me smile...that I had to share it with my husband and everyone else I know :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. I switched from Valkyrie to a Witch....So far so good ;-; I love my witch as much as I love my Valkyrie..
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