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  1. So I''ve finally been talked into trying WoW for the first time. I'm coming from SWTOR so I at least have some MMO experience, but any and all help would be appreciated. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing lol
  2. Welcome to the community.
  3. Welcome aboard. If you need any help in game, don't hesitate to ask.
  4. Happy b-day buddy. 

    1. Bobby


      Thank you bud, hope you're enjoying your weekend

  5. So basically we're getting the other dvl companion
  6. As long as I'm not dead from alcohol poisoning, I'll go
  7. Noooooo, I finally get into healing and then this happens
  8. Look at you being all active on the forums lol. This is cool, I couldn't care less about the pet but me likes titles
  9. I still cringe when they say class rebalance. Usually means I'm making new toons again lol
  10. I'm not in game at the moment but I believe the next clean out is scheduled for June 5th. But star checks these forums pretty regularly, so I'm sure he'll see this and let you know what's going in. I really hope you get to feeling better and get some relief soon.
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