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  1. No worries here! I will be on tonight as well. Still learning the game for sure. I'm in Daggerfall at the moment, doing basic quests. and starting stuff. Hope to see y'all soon! -Grey
  2. Cool, thanks! Setting up a new keyboard right now. Should be online shortly.
  3. Looking for an invite. Will try to friend Ernie and MadBlue. Thanks! Have sent in game invites @MadBlue and @ErnieZ. -Grey
  4. Hey Y'all, I'm a returning member, from a brief stint in WoW, and I just picked up ESO to try it out. I'm liking it so far, and thinking I'll stick it out, and maybe play some with the kids. It looks like there are a few members playing recently judging by the posts here. I'd like to get an invite to the guild in game. I'll see if I can figure out how to friend some of the people I've seen with recent posts, Ernie and Madblue for sure. I've joined Discord as well, and need to pick up my COTP tag there. I'll post in the public chat there if anyone has privileges to add that. Looking forward to playing, and chatting with y'all in game! -Grey
  5. Greytook


    Greetings CotP, I live in Central Texas, where I work as a systems engineer. I’m married and helping raise 2 of the world’s next generation gamers. I joined CotP a while ago, but I'm just now getting around to the intro as WoW Legion as sparked my interest. A few months ago, I came across your online community while looking for the next online adventure that I can share with my family. I’ve been an avid gamer myself for over 40 years now, both in pen & paper and video genres. I began MMOs in the text based MUD days. I started playing WoW around launch, and that’s been the majority of my MMO experience for the last decade or so. I have also spent a lot of time in Skyrim, even though it’s single player, and I really started loving it when I discovered the modding community. I meet regularly with a (mostly) local group where we play anything from Age of Wonders III, to World of Warships, and most recently PnP Shadowrun via Roll20. I occasionally dabble in GW miniature games as well. Regards, -Greytook _WOW_ - Greytook, Greymaldi, Greythane
  6. Welcome to the forums Greytook :)

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