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    1. I have about 5 or 6 discords that are supposed to track the boss windows and alert you if the boss has spawned. Most of them have been abandon, if this one also gets abandon I will update this thread with the new one(s) I find. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/5u2NwP9 Thank the dead guild Lethality for this link as I found it on their forums.
    2. So I was trying to figure out what the hidden accuracy values were for bhegs, offhands, primarys etc. I knew that the Korean players had found some through testing along with some of my fellow redditors so I went and searched and found them. I'll be listing them below. Please Note: None of this is my work and its only accurate based on the testers experiments, they are really worth a read instead of just taking my word or blindly following what one of the few articles says. However there will be a TL;DR on the bottom for you people who are too lazy to search through and read all the articles.
    3. Welcome to the forums Somber :)

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