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    1. Well I noticed this chapter hasn't seen much action since last year and has totally gone silent since then. Do we still have people interested in doing tabletop gaming? Reason why I am asking this is when the time comes, I may need testers for a few developing tabletop games. If anyone is, please reply to this thread. Thanks. Gohan
    2. Ok so I have been working on something cool for a game I am soon going to be getting into hardcore. The game Heavy Gear Blitz is a Tabletop War game with Minis and is very cool to play. I do not know the rules yet, but I have always been a fan of the Heavy Gear series. The project I am doing is going to be making land ships for real life gameplay. What are land ships? Land ships are the mainstay of the armies of the North and South in the Heavy Gear universe. They range from Land Carriers being the bulk of the fleets, to battleships, dreadnaughts, cruisers, destroyers and frigates. But why do they call them land ships? Well, the reason being is in the lore of Heavy Gear, the main planet, Terra Nova, has a gravity that can allow ships to be built and used on land with hover capability. Instead of just having ships on the sea, you can now have them on land. Here is a picture of one of them I am building in 3D: This one here is going to be a Northern Battleship Land Ship. Percentage wise done of this model I would say 20%. It still has a long way to go. Needs more detail, guns put on it, the hover engines need finished, etc. As I posted in the one thread, I finally found my calling and that is developing and doing stuff for Tabletop games. Grizzly
    3. Ok...Guys I hate to say this but...I am getting rid of the video game idea. Here is why: 1. I do not have the amount of time to invest in a Video game such as doing something from the ground up. 2. This would be solo cause I can't afford to have more help and also I WILL not make people work on something they do not want to. I am NOT that kind of person. Will not be mean. 3. I finally realized my calling. It's not video games but Tabletop Games. Why? Video games just let you sit at a computer or console. With tabletop top games you can do online OR you can get out and go places to meet people. Sorry everyone. This is my decision. If anyone wishes to close down this thread. Please do so. Again I'm sorry for this inconvenience everyone. My deepest apologies. Gohan
    4. Woke up at 2 pm today.  Something is not working well in my medications. Don't have much pain or at all in the head but sleeping too much is also not healthy.

    5. Yep, it's that time of day.  I am tuckered out. Time to hit the sack.

    6. Yeah I think you told me that the one day I was talking to you. Sad really. I still love this game SOOO much and it stinks may not see a good Star Wars game for a long while. Gohan
    7. Finally got my magnifying glass.  Now I just need a few different other tools and I can finally begin making my Heavy Gear Minis.

    8. Update: I will leave this thread open and see when the time is right to see what main 3 won. Also if anyone wants to pin this, I would very much like that so it don't get pushed back to the back pages. Thank you in advance. Gohan.
    9. So after giving it much thought over and talking to people, I am not doing the Star Wars Fan comic. Not even an idea to even do a fan video game cause apparently no matter what, if there is something related to Star Wars, I will get in trouble. That being said, I will have to wait til someone grows a set of ca'hones and tells Disney to basically go F'off and say they need to just get rid of the three movies and go back to Legends Canon. But I digress that is not what this thread is about. Instead of me doing something of that nature, I need to find something to keep me busy and my mind at ease. However, I am at a loss on what to do. So, I thought I'd maybe develop a video game of some sort that people may enjoy. Problem is: I do not know what would be the best course of action. So many types of video games have been done over the years that have either been done too many times or in different ways but still same idea. My thinking is this: try to do something that is beyond different and something that people will say "wow, that is something I have never tried before". The poll I am posting is a multiple choice poll, so pick whichever ones you think would be beneficial. Here is the kicker: the ones with the most votes will be the idea I will try to concoct up for as a video game. Meaning I will take the top 3 possible ideas and mix them together to make a brand new indie video game. I will leave a choice for other cause some ideas I put on as choices people may not like. Gohan
    10. I hope you guys do well! Gohan
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