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  1. Evenings work well for me. Monday and Wednesday for sure because the gf works. I'm usually on in the evenings anyways anyways, either in Anthem, Rust, or SWTOR. Not always in Discord because I've gotten used to other plugs, but around.
  2. Patch Notes are up. Update is going live tomorrow morning.
  3. Upload your favorite / cool pics to share. See my first masterwork Javelin below (not the best build, but its still a Masterwork 😀)
  4. My thoughts: TL;DR - Good solid game. Its fun and engaging, but feels more like an expansion than a whole game (will need to see what comes with the monthly updates and how it evolves). Positives Graphics wise the best I have seen, in comparison to Apex which came out just ahead, graphics are night and day. Have never seen anything like Anthem Combat is fun and engaging Good storyline Unique classes that feel totally different. Grind is decent (its a looter shooter, so ofc there's a grind) Good communication from Devs to the community Negatives Backlash from community about the game Thinking specifically here of the IGN review that got taken down because the dude didn't even play to endgame Story is too short Lack of endgame content (lot of it is repeatable randomized contracts, or the 3 current dungeons. Pick your difficulty, same thing) Wish it had new mechanics for varying levels of difficulty
  5. Well, until the official guild system thing gets patched in, the most we could currently do is get together in voice and then all hit free play and down some world events, if it puts people in the same "instance" (not sure on what their working model is). Only being able to group 4 is a little challenging for group stuff.
  6. For funnsies - want to see what playstyles people like.
  7. Hey all, just wanted to drop some info for anyone who has not found it out yet. WEAR (Old, worn, clean, etc.) for your Javelin is unlocked through ranking up Freelancer rep (i.e. do stuff for Yarrow). Rank 2 gets you a "Clean" look, and Rank 3 gets you a "New" look. -Q
  8. Guild system is incoming with update. Let me find a video
  9. Any word on getting started on an offical chapter for this yet? Or waiting until official release on Friday?
  10. *runs and hides* But in all seriousness, thanks for the faith in me! I won't disappoint
  11. Dang you beat me to the post. Overall it looks good, although having the VotMG operation as boss 1-4 available in SM/HM and the last boss available in SM/NiM will be a little different. Edit: Musco confirmed that Izax is really jsut HM but they are marketing it as NiM since it is about that level of difficulty.
  12. Good Questions, but mostly based on on the doom and gloom supporters that are present in any game. The game absolutely has a future, it has made top 10 most grossing MMOs for the past 5 quarters (only as far back as I went), which was confirmed by at least 4 different sources, not related to Bioware. In terms of 6.0, there has been confirmation from the Developers that it is in the works for this year. I suggest following some of the Influencers on YouTube or Twitch such as SWTORCentral and Kid Lee, as they are usually the first to post news updates. In addition, follow the Dev-Tracker on the SWTOR forums, where the original posts were made and Keith talked about the Roadmap that will likely go live this week (Mid-Feb). The article that everyone keeps referencing about Bioware being shifted to a one-game studio is vastly far off from the truth. The fact that it comes from a single source (and one that is often at the center of controversy when it comes to quality writing and reporting) should give you all the information you need to realize that further investigation is required. Don't take a single article as fact until the story can be corroborated by other, in this case more reliable, outlets. Hope this helps
  13. Welcome to the forums Lient :)

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