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  1. So, without spoiling, the flashpoint, “Nathema Conspiracy” appears to set the stage for a renewal of fighting between the Republic and the Empire. SWTOR has confirmed a 6.0 expansion, and it's been confirmed that it will focus on a return to the Republic vs. Empire conflict. I'm starting to look back on the Knights/Valkorion storyline, and if I can write all this without getting screamed at, here were my positives and negatives about the 4.x and 5.x expansions. Things I'll MISS about KOT(FE/ET): --I honestly don't understand why the hatred for these expansions was so bitter and vitriolic, and since I have to ask, I probably never will. Love or hate Bioware, and I admit to not being their biggest fans, they tell a pretty Jeepers engaging story. Yes, it has plot holes, and continuity errors, but it's still a very engaging story. --Maybe companions became a bit too homogenized, but how many people didn't want to have Vette or Torian or Xalek? In KOT, you could have them all. Made crafting go smoother, that's for certain. --In KOTFE, by being in carbonite sleep for five years, we basically lost EVERYTHING. All that we ever were, was wiped out. We had to start from scratch again, with just Lana and T7-01 to help us get started. I honestly think that was an innovative idea. Although the 5.8 and 5.9 class-exclusive companion reunions (Corso/Risha, Vector, Andronikos, Ashara etc.) were rather tame by comparison, most of the other companion recruitment story boards were pretty engaging. Building the Alliance a step at a time was nice. I liked it. --How much more powerful an enemy could you encounter than Valkorion? Who consumed every life form on entire planets? Again, there were plot holes, and continuity errors, but Valkorion was one of the most imposing adversaries ever. Made defeating him all the more satisfying. --The walker fights. I've always liked “vehicle interface” fights in general. Did a lot of them in World of Warcraft. --Zakuul in general. It's an interesting world, and KOTFE in particular, delved heavily into it. So much more advanced technologically, and yet with a lot of primal beliefs. Things I WON'T miss about KOT(FE/ET): --Skytroopers that would spawn and automatically insta-aggro, even through stealth. Utterly defeated the purpose of playing stealth classes. Never mind that the absolutely ceaseless, “Arrrrr!” of aggroing Skytroopers was aggravating AF. --Zakuul's army being mostly droids made the military force of Zakuul, very bland and without depth. They're machines, and not very intelligent for droids. Even when we fought Knights of Zakuul, Horizon Guard, Star Fortress Exarchs, etc. Most of the characters had little, excuse me-- character. --Absolutely ceaseless stuns and knockdowns; I wasn't laughing when one of Bioware's April Fool's patch notes promised, 'Even more stuns and knockdowns!' Made Chapter 10 (recruiting Kaliyo) like pulling teeth. --Auto-starting of subsequent chapters. Being forced to hit the Escape Key AND then reset the mission for every single chapter was maddening. Once KOTET began, it would even ***ABSOLUTELY*** force an auto-start of KOTET Chapter 1 when you finished Chapter 16 of KOTFE. --Utter lack of replay value past playing with a few different story choices, which really had far less impact on the story than we were led to believe. The lesser impact wasn't what I disliked, but the lack of replay made it difficult to do the chapters more than once or twice. --Senya and Koth's attitude about being sent on crafting missions. “Is the best use of my time?” Excuse me you self-righteous mother of monsters, since when is YOUR time more important than anyone else? “Like I don't have better things to do.” No, Koth, you DON'T have better things to do, so SHUT your snarfled FACE and get to work! I'm sure if we all brainstormed, we might be able to come up with a few other pros and cons. The cons didn't ruin the expansion for me, but did make replaying it, difficult. The completionist in me made me do it, several times, for possibly trivial perks such as the class-exclusive companion returns such as Corso/Risha, Vector, Akaavi/Mako, etc. It will be interesting to see what 6.x brings.
  2. *BIG HUGS* That was a very heartfelt series of messages and, as different as things are with me, a lot was also pretty similar. In the end, no one's opinion matters more than yours. You can ask for suggestions, but when the time comes for a hard and fast decision, only you can make it. That you were able to make that decision, with that much conviction, puts you over the first big hurdle. Nobody is going to fault you for it, and if anyone does, well, I'm just one person in a line of many, who they'll have to get through first, hahaha. We're all here whenever you'd like to talk to us, but like you said-- don't lose touch with the friends you've made. Especially the ones with whom you get together face to face. Those are always the most important ones, at all times. I need to make a few phone calls to some of my own, now that I think about it. You can never take care of others if you aren't taking care of yourself. Take that step back, get yourself on the right track as you see it. Best Wishes, Holly Carpenter (The Game Fossil)
  3. I'll be honest Phyreblade, it's hard to imagine how SWTOR will create an expansion bigger in scale than defeating Valkorion once and for all and establishing the Eternal Alliance. Will the Alliance fall apart and the Republic and Empire go all out against each other again? Will individual classes see their own stories again? I know a LOT of people hated the hell out of both KOTFE and KOTET, but in size and scale-- how much bigger do you get than that? A seemingly unstoppable foe led by an entity that devoured an entire planet? Maybe it was the very nature of HOW we had to defeat that foe that made KOTFE/KOTET so hated. I'll keep watch on the news. I do hope it will at least generate enough interest to keep the game going.
  4. I was playing WoW on Proudmoore and Thrall with a good guild, until March 20th. This is an awkward and somewhat embarrassing chain of events to recount, but sometimes it's necessary in order to fully explain things. I'm a psychiatric outpatient. I have issues with anger management and control. A number of MMO's are outrageously and extremely exacting and unforgiving, especially with melee-range combatant characters, over little things like maximum melee distance, tab-targetting and facing. I can get absolutely spam deluged with error messages trying to attack something over these things. More often than not, these little issues, the game REFUSING to process my commands to fight a mob or another because tab targeting selects every enemy EXCEPT the one right in front of me, or REFUSING to accept my avatar and the mob being in the same space as being in front of me, all sorts of little things-- I lose self-control and just get enraged. More often than not, without thinking about it, I've picked up my keyboard and started slamming it onto my desk-- usually the keyboard drawer. Twice in three months this has resulted in the keyboard drawer getting knocked loose from the desk and can't be fixed. Once, the keyboard itself was wrecked. (Fortunately, the second time, just the spacebar was knocked loose and I was able to fix it). Aside from the very unhealthy nature of such a response, I don't have the money to keep replacing damaged or destroyed equipment. Right now my keyboard is on the desk proper, leaving much less room for other things such as a microphone and my mouse/mouse pad. On March 20th, for the sake of my mental health, I cancelled my WoW subscription. I've tried to leave MMO's altogether more times than I can count. I've never succeeded, but to use a now-famous empowerment phrase: "Nevertheless, I persist." Why not just stop those rage reactions? Hahaha. I wish it were as simple as wanting to. These aren't pre-meditated actions; they're reflex reactions, as automatic as my leg kicking out if my doctor taps my knee with a hammer. So, some of you, after reading this, might say I shouldn't be here. And you might be right. The fact that SWTOR is bleeding its player base in large numbers, especially as the next WoW expansion and Camelot Unchained loom ever closer to the horizon, certainly doesn't help, since if I'm alone and nobody just to talk to, I get bored and log off. Why not follow those of you who will be going to the next big game? The fact is, I'm scared stiff of starting a new game for fear it will produce the same unhealthy rage-reactions (similar to road rage-- one reason I don't drive a car) that I ran into in WoW. So why even just dabble in SWTOR? I'm hoping my limited play availability and sticking to a ranged damage dealer will allow me to find some kind of safe zone, at least temporarily until I can find a healthy, social method of passing time. If there were such a way on the internet, I'd probably grab with alacrity. And yet, shockingly enough, I haven't been able to find one yet. General chat rooms or ACTIVE discussion forums (TBH, forums seem on their way out altogether, which I find sad... I used to love them). Maybe I shouldn't be here. And if SWTOR keeps losing players, I probably won't be, for that long. For now, I ask to be able to socialize, and occasionally do some limited group stuff with whomever will have me. Holly Carpenter (Game Fossil)
  5. I don't know where else to post. I'm hoping I can speak to someone-- anyone-- at all. What games does COTP still play? How strong are those games doing? I'm not interested in rumors. I'm interested in hearing the beliefs of COTP members who play. How do YOU feel these games are? Healthy? Struggling? Managing? Next to dead? There's videos and blogs out the wazoo. None matter to me. I'm looking to hear from the COTP members who play. What games do we still play, and how confident do YOU feel about them? Thanks. GF
  6. Many years ago, during either Vanilla or BC, I started a second account and bought a powerlevel-to-max-level service from a "Chinese Gold Farmer" company. Let's just say that even all the way back then, it took Blizzard two days to determine what was going on and squelch it right then and there. Lesson was learned and I never even spoke with "Real money vendors" of any kind ever since. Blizzard's had all this time since to study how these people work, and I doubt that much gets past them. Take it from someone who learned the hard way: Don't do it
  7. Well if anyone would like to exchange battle.tags, please contact me through private message here on the website. Please include: 1) Name of your main, and (optional) primary alt 2) Faction of your main, and (if listed) primary alt 3) What you'd like to run together My primary main is a horde druid, guardian main spec, feral and balance off specs Primary alt is an alliance warlock, affliction main spec, demonology off spec Secondary alts are an alliance paladin and shaman, though I don't do too much endgame stuff with them Other alts are mostly intended to be leveled and their class order campaigns finished (someday, hahaha)
  8. While I'm not currently playing WoW with CotP, I try to keep the option open in the future if my current playing situation ever changes. Toward that end, I'd like to ask some questions about the home servers used by the guild in WoW. How populated are Ysera and Durotan, and any servers linked to them? Are you able to regularly get LFG/LFR groups? Are they helpful and accommodating, or only interested in how quickly you can get things done so they can move on to the next? What's the faction balance like? Heavy toward one side or the other, or more or less balanced? I very rarely take part in PVP, but on those rare occasions I like not to get slaughter-ganked XD Finally, if anyone knows what servers are linked to Ysera and Durotan, could you list one or two of them? I'll admit I have no plans to change servers at this time. But if my overall gaming situation ever changes to make it viable, I'd like to have the requested information on hand. Good journeys, Holly C.
  9. I'm going to be taking some disconnect time where I will be around in game less often. This happens every so often and is no cause for alarm unless I specify otherwise haha. I will poke my head up and say hi occasionally so you know I haven't forgotten you all. I might even pop in to try my hand at one of the new Uprisings, but that will be uncommon. Holly / Game Fossil (Breasha)
  10. Maybe that's because they used to be for sale on the CM. They must still have some kind of code signature that triggers the mouseover text. Thanks for the answer.
  11. When I mouseover the Grade 7 Spaceship equipment on sale from the Starship Upgrades Vendor on the Fleet (Ensign Brukes for Imperial), the item shows as "Unlocked for this character in Collections." However, I cannot find the item in my Collections tab. I remember that grade 7 Spaceship upgrades used to be available via the Cartel Market, and was later removed. But are the items available in Collections, or not? I've never really explored the Collections tab so I don't really know how it works.
  12. I totally missed this thread = Shame on me, huh? Nice to meet you all. I'm Game Fossil; Holly for short. Fossils are people too! haha
  13. I didn't log into the game at all yesterday. Sorry I missed it. TBH, however, I prefer to remember and honor Carrie for her tireless, courageous work advocating in the field of mental illness. I'm a psychiatric outpatient myself, diagnosed schizoaffective/borderline Asperger's. A different battle than the one Carrie waged, but yet, the same. She fought bravely to combat stigma, and I hope to make a worthy pupil. As much as I liked her performance in the Star Wars movies, it was what she did away from the screen that I'd like to remember and honor, first.
  14. Hi Oort, thanks for responding. I've thought about it, and I agree it wouldn't hurt to post here for all the RIFT players to read and possibly respond for themselves. I guess I'll start by asking, what was this decision Trion made for the current expansion that has caused a lot of players to go inactive? What did they do that results in a lack of content for max level? Second, I suppose I should ask the average time spread when I'm most likely to find guildmates on and active, and when I'm least likely to. I can be something of a night owl, and even though I live in the Eastern TIme zone, I've been in guilds (and on Pacific Time servers) where, even with a lot of Pacific Time players, after 11:30 or so PM, Eastern Time, I was all but alone when online and in game. And, while my saying that I've been away for a long time should probably make this obvious, I'm going to state it anyway, so the RIFT team knows what they're getting into if they ask me to join their ranks. I've missed the entire Nightmare Tide Expansion. My characters are all still at the level cap for 2.0, while I believe we're now in 4.0? I had to google the level cap-- and even the name-- for Storm Legion, can you believe that? Haha. But my characters are all level 60. I missed the entirety of Nightmare Tide. I need to do more than just catch up in level. I absolutely, positively, NEED to see what I missed. And I need to NOT do it all alone. I tried to return to RIFT a couple of months ago, but my return lasted no more than week or so when it became clear that not a single person in the guild I joined, wanted to accommodate me. The guild leader wanted to power level me in one of the dungeons through mentoring-- Charmer's Caldera, I think it was called? God I feel ridiculous, I can't even remember the name of the zone it's in... it's a desert zone not far from the Defiant starting zone. But the leader was going to use that dungeon to powerlevel me to 65 and then, as he said, "Seeing the Nightmare Tide story will take an hour, at most." (EDIT: Charmer's Caldera, not Chancer's, and it's in Droughtlands or Shimmersand... googled it >_> ) But that's not what I need. I need, not to have to solo the entire expansion. I DON'T need everyone with me all the time. But I need a few people, some of the time. Besides, I was hoping to see more than just the quests. I was hoping to do some of the Rifts, some of the zone events, if people still do those at all anymore... There were times on Storm Legion when I could chase rifts and zone events, and always had so many people to do them with. Last time I tried, I felt so alone, I lost the will to try. Time was, in RIFT, I didn't need to rely entirely on the guild for things like Rifts and zone events. If nobody does those things anymore... then yes, I can understand why I'd be out of things to do once I saw the story. Bottom line, the TLDR version: The only reason I still play MMO's of any kind at all, is to find people to be social and interact with. Because as much as I dislike it personally, I can watch the story on Youtube. I ended up uninstalling WoW from my computer because it was clear I'd never catch up to my guildmates, progress wise. Even though I was at level 110, I was still finishing quests and exploration (for Legion Pathfinder, necessary for flying), and I still needed to do normal dungeons when they were trying to do ONLY mythics with keystones. And I couldn't solo the entire expansion. I got bored. Things became tedious. And WQ's became like dailies, where people were more competition than potential group mates. Try to group and they decline, and try to grab all the quest mobs and objectives for themselves alone, to hell with you. I need to be with people online. Otherwise I can just watch a DVD or read a book. Social action is the only reason I still play. If folks on the RIFT team in CotP would feel that this is too much of an imposition on them-- and please believe me, I *DO* understand how and why they might see it that way-- but if they do, it's better if I simply don't try to return to RIFT. If it's unfair to everyone else for me to balk at catching up entirely on my own time, then I've missed the final bus out of town and have to accept it. Maybe it is better if I write this all out for the whole team, so they can all see what I'm looking for in a game, as well as just a guild, and they can offer feedback accordingly. I'll be more than glad to help anyone else with whatever I can, in return for having people to interact with. It felt therapeutic just writing this, and for that I thank you all. Have a Happy Holiday! Holly C. / Game Fossil
  15. I joined COTP's SWTOR team a week or two ago. Are we allowed to play more than one game with COTP? I've been away from RIFT a long time. I've been thinking of playing again. I'd like to speak in private message with an officer who can, and is willing, to answer a few questions. I see Oort is the team leader. Should I message her, or one of the officers who specializes in recruiting? I think I have a couple of toons on Greybriar. If not, shard transfer in RIFT is free so it's no biggie. The name's Holly, aka Game Fossil.
  16. I recently specced my Sage Balance, and have been reading the flow chart under Combat Proficiencies (K key default) for it. Any Balance Sages, please post tips and advice on rotation/priorities? I very rarely play my Sage anymore, but it's nice to know.
  17. Welcome to COTP. Cantina's open.
  18. For some reason, I thought I already did that But that was just to register for the website hahaha. I just finished the real application about five minutes ago. I'm undecided whether to bring any alts aboard. I have one toon of each class, but in KOTET especially, I play very, very little on any alts. On the Pub side, only Breasha is above level 65, and my Vanguard and Guardian are babies. In case anyone's curious: I pronounce my character name, "bree-AH-sha." It's a Russian girls' name, and I have no idea if I'm pronouncing it correctly or not haha >_>
  19. No, those components you are talking about are only used to make Augmentation Kits. Those are easy enough to come by; I can get them by RE'ing assembly components. Also, nobody really uses any grade of Augments lower than the max grade, since anything lesser is outgrown in a couple of days. I'm talking about sliced tech parts that are only acquired by sending companions out on Slicing Crew Missions. Schematics for barrels, hilts, armorings, mods and enhancements all demand them. This bothers me, even though it was also the norm in KOTFE.
  20. I clean overlooked this board as one for introducing fresh meat ...er, I mean new blood haha Having already posted on the SWTOR forums, to avoid spamming, I'll link to the original post: http://www.covenantofthephoenix.com/forums/topic/50461-saying-hello-and/ If anyone is unable to view this due to website permissions, I'll copy and paste from that page to here. Sorry for the oversight, and nice to meet you.
  21. Do all purple ilvl 228 crafted items demand slicing components? At the very least, it seems that all hilts, barrels, armorings, mods and enhancements do? Does crafted armor, relics, full weapons, also demand sliced tech parts? Looking back, I can see that yes, it was this way with barrels, armorings, etc. for 208 components during KOTFE. It still bothers me because first, why force crafters to acquire mats outside their usual "trilogy" (treasure hunting for artificers, underworld trading for armorings, etc)? Second, it seems slicing missions are a hell of a lot harder to regularly crit on. I'm critting out the wazoo on investigation, treasure hunting and underworld trading, but have not gotten a single critical success mission on slicing. Not a single, solitary one. This would make 228 barrels and hilts prohibitively expensive if I tried going on the GTN to find the purple grade 10 sliced tech parts. I know, it was never changed throughout KOTFE... but I still wish they just asked for purple gems or underworld metals, etc.
  22. Also looking to see how much these forums are used for communication, haha My name is Holly Carpenter. I'm 50 years old and I've been gaming online clear back to 1984 or so-- hence the moniker, "Game Fossil." Yes I've played the original Pong and Atari 2600 and ColecoVision, but nothing past the Sega Genesis or SNES 16 console-wise. My priorities and time have shifted over the years. I cope with severe sleep apnea, an arthritic spine, and a mental illness through available resources here in my home town. I do have friends and try to go places as much as I can. As I confided in Ztuke, I really have very little to offer CotP and might be gaming very little. I've done the KOTET story on one toon and have little motivation to do it again on alts, except maybe to play the DS choices (I finished it on a sniper who is Light V). I have one toon of each advanced class, and three of them are still baby level. Most of these toons will now remain guildless. Depending on what's on the development table come January, I might be willing to participate some more. Despite having so little to offer the guild, I ask almost nothing in return-- really just some people to talk to and be social with while I am online and in game. I'm currently leveling my crafting to 600 and am willing to make things for people, although it might take a bit of time to acquire all the materials. I'm a story fan first and foremost, and have toons of both genders to see the different companion romance options. My women toons have Russian names, and my male toons have Finnish names. I've joined CotP through my Pub main, a Commando named Breasha. Away from gaming, I like to write and I'm trying to get back into reading again. I also watch DVD's from Netflix. I'll try to be around some, so as not to be auto-purged for inactivity. Nice to meet you all.
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