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    1. I want to thank everyone for your help and the warm welcome last night. I am new to FFXIV and looking forward to playing and learning in a new game. I am currently an officer in the SWTOR chapter and still actively raid in a progression group twice a week over there. I hope to reach that level in FFXIV and join you all in the end game group activities. Forgive me in advance for all the dumb questions I'm sure to ask My FFXIV toons so far Butterknife Pocket Butterpocket Knife
    2. For anyone who is interested in teaming up for Galactic Starfighter I will be in the GSF mumble room starting at 7:00 P.M. EST. Friday 1/12 Pub side. If you haven't done it before then this is your opportunity to learn and earn. GSF is an excellent way to earn XP and command points and is a lot of fun once you learn the basics. Hope to see some of you there.
    3. Please speak to Starkindred regarding any opinions I have/had on the movie. He beat me into submission.....I am no match
    4. Have nice winter break and look forward to seeing you in game when you get back! Would love to get you involved with some guild ops!
    5. Welcome aboard! Drop in mumble in the evenings. There is always something going on and people willing to team up for various things. In addition we have scheduled events like open HM ops, gearing runs, etc. that you can sign up for. There is a schedule posted in the forums. Feel free to whisper or post any questions you have and we will do our best to help you.
    6. My Gw2 account name is Knife.7685. Whisper me in game if Im on.
    7. Don't worry not leaving just diversifying. You know how to reach me if you need me my friend. I know you bleed Starwars Star but you should give some other games a try. It breaks up the monotony and makes you enjoy the games a little more. GW2 has some challenging raids. I have a pretty good gearing strategy that I could help any of you with you if wanted to give it a try. There are something similar to flashpoints (but shorter) called fractals. You work your way through the tiers 1-4 and by the time you reach tier 4 you will have the gear you need to raid. It also fine tunes your skil
    8. One of the good things is servers in GW2 only matter in World vs. World competition. Everyone on any server can group and do any content together without even knowing what server they are on.
    9. So I've been scaling back my SWTOR play while we haven't had any conquest going on (I will be on a lot more after 5.6 launches) I have been playing a lot of Guild Wars 2 (I see sparkal there from time to time). Was wondering if the CoTP chapter is still active there and who is in charge. If it is inactive I would like to try and start it up again. My current raiding guild in GW2 is based out of SWTOR. They do ops several nights and then raid in GW2 the others. I was hoping to try and get some of our chapter and the community involved in raiding a night nor two a week. Its a great game a
    10. I think we all go through these phases but as long as you come back refreshed and recharged its all good! I will miss you and your 500 toons during lockouts
    11. This is awesome Star!!! I need to get my toons their SAG cards now
    12. I like the speeder 4 and 5 legacy perk! Also legacy unassembled components will be nice.
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