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  1. I have moved into Stormsong Vale. I like a this location and it looks like I will be able to get a spot next to the crafting stations. I see one that is open . Well, not anymore anyways
  2. Thanks all. If you guys want to give Shroud of the Avatar a shot, Look me up. My character name is Magic Spexs. I look forward to playing with you all Thanks again guys. Spexs
  3. Hi, all. I have a hybrid deck for ranged combat. Doing this from memory do may have some spell names wrong... 1. Dash, locked. 2. Snare, archery, locked. 3. Have defensive spells stacked, one each. 4 total. Fortify Defense Glancing Blow Parry Earth Embrase 4. Healing Grace, locked. 5. Heal, self heal only, locked. 6. Arethic Feedback. Locked 7. Blinding shot, Locked. 8, 9, 10 all same Aimed shot, 5 each Rapid fire, 5 each Piercing Shot, 5 each These are set up to stack off my mouse. I have between 17 and 19 in my deck. This is so I can keep a high density of offensive spells to defensive spells. Any of you guys are welcome to look me up on Discord and chat with me. I am happy to talk while we play. Your Red Guardian, Spexs
  4. Approved - Grim Shroud of the Avatar In game from a real life friend. Magic Spexs is DPS ranger. Adventure level 94 and growing. I have been around the block. I was involved with RIFT back in the day. I am sure some of you remember me:) I have been playing games online since 1992. Follow the games, I have played most of them. Sota I have been playing for almost a year now. If you guys want to play, come on in, I will show you around. Thanks, Spexs
  5. Well, I am looking forward to people coming back to Shroud. If you are running low on experience, look me up. Sometimes I am on friends only as well. Spexs
  6. Hey guys. I seem to be the only guy that is still playing the game. I have been playing for 6 months now and have a good dps toon named Magic Spexs. I have been having lots of fun with Shroud. I hang out in Deep Ravenwood getting that exp pool built up. You guys are more than welcome to come and join me. Spryone this means you too! We have also been in the Rise exploring. I am still wanting to go to the bottom and visit something big! I want that Dragon to learn our names and understand that we as a team will own him/her! Hope to see you all in the game! Magic Spexs
  7. I have been invited to Shroud of the Avitar by Spryone. Nice to meet you all. Spexs SoTa user Magic Spexs
  8. Grim

    Welcome to the forums Spexs :)

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