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  1. Ariolo

    CotP & Goonswarm

    @Smokin, I didn't make note of the names. @Vandenberg, thanks for the info. I was unaware of the state of CotP in EVE. I had already mailed Dartainien and our CEO, LongGanticus; I think Zecho may have received it as well. Given that you say some CotP members moved to Goonswarm, this is likely where the members in the channel originated (or remained). I will communicate with Dartainien and our officers about what the other member corps of the VotP alliance have going on and where we stand with the larger political movements in New Eden. Lo, from Ariolo.
  2. Ariolo


    Howdy, I'm a Canadian EVE player in Metacrania. Part of Metas Corp is taking charge of how much responsibility and involvement you want in the activities. Since I'm interested in becoming more involved in the EVE community I thought I might be active in the alliance as well.
  3. Ariolo

    CotP & Goonswarm

    I checked the old CotP channel out of interest when cleaning my chat channels and noticed two Goons in the members list. The information contained in the MOTD for the old CotP alliance channel may or may not be current but I noticed that a Mumble server is included. Alliance leaders please ask Dartainien or Ariolo (Metacrania) to forward the relevant EVEmail to your diplomats/CEOs if any logistical information may be leaking through this vector.
  4. Welcome to the forums Ariolo :)

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