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  1. I vanished a couple of years ago because of real life, wondering if I can get a re-invite to the FC? I think I still have the FFXIV discord channel saved somewhere. I brought back my husband and a friend and we've been levelling/doing PotD when we're online. I just started on the Stormblood content.
  2. I need Bahamut Coils 4+ but I can help with the rest as a healer. Possibly a DPS too. -Kiona
  3. I would be interested, I posted my classes and availability in a pinned post.
  4. Hi and thank you! I'm excited to be with a group that is expanded across various games! Former SWTOR gamer and currently in FFXIV. (And I really like your avatar Amanda!)
  5. If you guys are still doing primals, I have some that I need to unlock (EX) and complete. ign: Kiona Einza
  6. Welcome to the forums deedsedai :)

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