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  1. I would like to introduce myself and get to know some of you. I am looking for an active but causal guild to play with in SWTOR and a Google search has led me here. I am a gainfully employeed adult male who doesn't have countless hours to play games, but do enjoy playing for a few hours almost nightly. I thankfully have a wife (of almost 23 years) who allows me this luxury. What can I say about myself...as I said I'm married, with 2 grown boys (22 and 21). I am a IT professional working in the Phoenix, AZ area. I have been been on hiatus from playing MMOs for a few years since I got burned out on WoW back after the RotLK expansion. Previous to that I played EQ for many years. I recently returned to the original EQ for some nostaliga and while I think it still is a great game, I was looking for a sci-fi based MMO to play. The only true one out there is SWTOR. My SWTOR experience is limited, I have one level 70 Jedi Sage (DPS spec on Command Level 78) named Solinna Faeborne on Shadowlands server. I have been taking the storyline slowly, playing through the content. I have actually just completed the Shadow of Revan story and getting ready to start on the KotFE. I am an old school MMORPG player and believe that MM needs to be put back into the ORPG. So I'm looking for a guild to just play with most evening. Looking forward to meeting you all.
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