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  1. Well, I did it. I powered through to the end of Chapter Three and got the little "flair", as they call it, for having leveled up all 8 classes. Thank you all for sharing your suggestions and observations.
  2. That WB farming outing on Corellia last night was grand. I went from Command 24 to 32, almost one level per kill. And that was with the one time the boss went invisible on me and I couldn't loot at all. Is that a regular activity? I haven't had that much fun in a group in SWTOR since I did the Fleet Datacron with a previous guild, and that was a long time ago, literally years. The only other group content I've done with COTP thus far was an attempt at Dread Fortress, and that was an exercise in frustration and misery. I hung in there until others gave up, because I didn't want to get a rep as a quitter, (you never get a second chance to make a first impression), but it was not at all fun.
  3. Thank you both for the answers, much appreciated. I'm just going to grit my teeth and slog through to the end of Chapter Three.
  4. longing for huevos rancheros

  5. So, I've finished the other seven class stories. Soldier is the last one standing between me and Legendary Player status. And I'm just hating it. My Vanguard is level 46, and I'm so very unhappy with her. I've got her geared up to the nines, and she still feels weak and wimpy. I worship at the altar of Dulfy. This is the first time I have ever read the class guide from start to finish and still felt unclear on what to do. I just don't "get it". There doesn't seem to be a clear rotation, the damage output is on par with a wet noodle, and it's a struggle just to keep leveling. Does anyone have any helpful suggestions?
  6. Actually, the Mark of the prefabs varies from item to item Mailbox and Legacy Bank are cheapest at a single Mk-1 Guild Bank is most pricey at five Mk-3 In all fairness to OP, this may well have changed with the last patch...
  7. Hello, was invited to COTP a few days ago, just now got around to registering on the site. My character is Hildegaard, Seer Sage 67
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