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    1. I know I got booted out but I understand. TBH, I've not been able to sit in my chair and play any video games for months now. My body just isn't having any of this office chair. Just 15+ mins or whatever and my body nuh uh you're not sitting here for an extended amount of time. I'm hoping I can snag a nice gaming chair in a few weeks, maybe for the after Christmas sales. My only qualm is finding a gaming chair that'll fit my short ass lol I'm barely if only 5'0 I'm not against spending a few hundred dollars on a really good gaming chair, but I'd rather not because I've got cats so yeah haha
    2. I think will be on more. I also play WoW so I had some things I wanted to finish before I got on SWTOR more but now that's done, I need a break lol
    3. I noticed y'all do guild clean out. I've been wanting to play after I joined the guild, but I suffer with 3 bulging discs in my neck with mild nerve compression and it tends to give me migraine headaches and just make me feel generally crappy. I've got every intention to play as soon as possible, but my neck has been bothering me. I'll try to login this weekend at some point.
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