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  1. Cool, I'll put in my app now. I am fine with being in CotD for now, I'll work on getting to 58 to meet CotP requirements later.
  2. Hey everyone, I've been trying to get a hold of someone to get an invite, but I keep catching everyone fishing Do you guys have a TS server or any other type of server you guys talk in? I just want to know if you guys are active in voice or in game as I keep running into everyone in game afking. RA_RA Yoshiko
  3. Mumra


    Mumra here, found you guys interesting while looking through the guild charters. I'm an older player from Ultima Online, Great Lakes, "The Nobility". I think I stuck around in total like 7 years while playing other games. Anyhow, currently I am in ExceptionaLegion and actually ran into some of you guys afk fishing The festival area is rocking with highly priced fish! Hope to see you guys in game soon and hopefully wear your guild tags next time. Mumra RA_RA family.
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