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  • Welcome to 2021, let's hope it is better than 2020.
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    1. Thank you both for the welcome! I am looking forward to gaming with you all!
    2. What game are you joining us in? Hopefully New World in the future. How did you hear about us? I have visited the forums here on occasion when I have been searching for some information on a game I am playing. Do you have family or friends already in CotP? No Do you agree to abide by the rules set forth in the Covenant of the Phoenix Charter and Chapter policies? Yes Tell us a little bit about yourself. I am a long time MMO gamer, from UO (beta), EQ, DAoC, WoW (Vanilla) SWTOR, AoC then Conan Exiles and many other mmo's. Currently the games I am playing are Red Dead Online and returning to Archeage for the 3rd time. In the last few days I have been in the beta of New World, and looking forward to the future for New World. There are so many aspects of MMO's that I love --- the social aspect, a guild working together to accomplish objectives, helping each other, and making friends in the guild as well as the community. Guilds have a very special camaraderie. I have only been 1 guild over the years and that was in DAoC. The rest of my gaming time I had my own guild. Anywhooo --- I hope to become a part of your gaming family. Valara Game character name (for contact)? Valara
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