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    1. Another good month of progress for CU as they march towards beta. The team is growing and many game elements are in the works. For now we have to remain patient as the team keeps crunching the code and weekly the backers perform tests. So to view this months newsletter you can find it here. Link
    2. CU's first newsletter of the new year is now out. This will be a very important year for CU as they will be starting beta testing and there will be a huge amount of new people taking their first looks at the game. You can read all about it here... Link
    3. The end of month and year newsletter is now out. The studio is taking time off for the holiday's and will officially be down until January 2017. Mark Jacob's summary of this past year sums it all up. I think people will finally start to see a real game in 2017 as Beta roles out and people get to touch and feel the real thing. You can find a link to the newsletter below. Click Here
    4. Another month has passed and work continues on CU. Hiring has gone well and you will get to meet a few of the new hires here in the newsletter. So without further delay here is this months newsletter. You can view the newsletter here.
    5. We are now in the last quarter of 2016 and we have a new newsletter from CSE that includes their current progress and updates on the march towards Beta 1. October was a very productive month for the studio as they start to hit their stride with all the the new staff. From my perspective, the game has turned a corner and has really started to roll on producing a game worthy of our time and money. Read all about the progress and much more here in this months newsletter. You can view the newsletter here.
    6. CU teaser video from Dragon Com 2016. Some of the new members who have not been following this game over the last 3 1/2 years may take interest in this future RvR MMO game. Here is the link to the video. CU Dragon Con.
    7. Yet again month slips by and our dreams have not been fulfilled yet! We still have to wait for CU to launch Anyway, there is still good news this month. Read about the current progress in this months newsletter. You can view the newsletter here.
    8. Another month has passed and we are now that much closer to beta1 launch. Here is a link to the August newsletter. This months highlights include information about RoboDuck and how it helps in the games development. You can view the newsletter here.
    9. Here is the link to the City State Entertainment [CSE] monthly newsletter. This is the official Camelot Unchained [CU] developers newsletter. This months highlights include a "State of the Game Address" from the CEO himself, Mark Jacobs. On other news you can see other highlights of the games construction within the newsletter. You can view the newsletter here.
    10. The latest and greatest newsletter from the folks at City State Entertainment [CSE] who is producing Camelot Unchained [CU]. Highlights: More new programmers, company expanding with a new office in Seattle. And much more... You can view the newsletter here.
    11. Here is the latest newsletter, May 2016 edition, from City State Entertainment [CSE]. A couple of new faces in the studio and some CUBE updates are some of the highlights. Information on the games status as we get closer to beta. And much more... You can view the newsletter here.
    12. Latest and greatest from City State Entertainment, the April 2016 edition of the newsletter has been released today. This edition is full of many of the happenings in a normal turbulent spring month. Some of the features are the beta delay and more information on the building system. You can view the newsletter here.
    13. Cloaking Donkey has put together a summary of this past weeks Twitch cast by Mark Jacobs on siege warfare. This brief informational cast included a lengthy Q&A by the games backers that are all part of this summary. You can find the Donkey's summary HERE NOTE: Much of the structures seen in the video are from the beta but the siege equipment is merely representations as there is none in gameplay until beta.
    14. The latest Newsletter from City State Entertainment. The March 2016 Newsletter #20 with information on the current state of the game as they march towards beta 1. You can view the newsletter Here.
    15. The latest and greatest newsletter from City State Entertainment. The February 2016 Newsletter #19 with a bunch of news on the upcoming Beta and the current state of the game. Or you can get to the link Here.
    16. YouTube interpretations of the first 30 classes announced for Camelot Unchained by eLdritch, aka the Cloaking Donkey If you are interested in viewing truly unique interpretations of the planned classes with a lot of one man’s “proper” pronunciations including mythical backstories for each class, then this is the channel. The Donkeys telling of mythological back story is phenomenal especially his pronunciations and opinions. In the link listed below all 10 class reveals are linked together and will be viewed all in a row. CloakingDonkey – CU Class Reveals Text link [ While I do not agree with all of his opinions, I do love his reviews. I hope you do as well. In the future as more of the game gets reveled I am sure there will be more from the Donkey. I for one hope so.
    17. Finally, some news on the upcoming beta 1 tomorrow at 3pm EST. You can join the livestream here at Beta 1 News on February 24th, 2016 at 3PM EST/12PM PST/8PM GMT/UTC "Don’t Panic! We are not announcing a delay in Beta 1. " - Mark Jacobs If you miss the live stream, you can catch it on YouTube here (https://www.youtube.com/user/CityStateGames)
    18. Here is a quick review [20 minute] of the upcoming Camelot Unchained crafting system as seen through the eyes of the Donkey. CU Crafting
    19. After extensive lengthy testing, today Camelot Unchained officially launches their new official web site. You can find it here: Camelot Unchained If you encounter any technical issues with the site, I can try to verify and pass on this information to CU developers. Due to NDA's still in place I am unable to answer many CU related questions.
    20. You can read the latest newsletter here. Extremely informative issue, especially some news on what we can expect in the upcoming Beta due out the coming spring [2016].
    21. WOW! This is looking great. What you see is what you get character animation system. Check out the latest animation video here...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiZWQ-pvEPA Still about a year+ out though.
    22. People are now allowed to post pictures of their building creations using the in game Facebook photo posting application. The in game building tool, CUBE [Camelot Unchained Building Editor] is still in its infancy but it now allows an account holder to directly post from inside the games building editor to Facebook. So here is my first picture from the Facebook picture application of a bridge section that I have built. This is a Viking Helbound [class] in front of the bridge section. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=885299551533347&set=a.879601608769808.1073741825.100001599302099&type=1 NOTE: This is a low resolution version of what is actually seen in the games editor stripped of tool-bars and chat windows. The CSE CUBE logo is added in the process to meet NDA requirements.
    23. This will be a regularly updated list of current vodcast's of the Veil Cast a weekly show on the mechanics, features and news for Camelot Unchained [CU]. New episodes are planned every Saturday at 3PM US EST. The Veil Cast is streamed live on Twitch.tv and later uploaded to youtube. Watch it live at: http://www.twitch.tv/itsziz Check previous episodes on youtube at: https://www.youtube.com/itsZiz Past vodcasts E Episode 07 - BSC Map is Crazy Episode 08 - Is Magic to Awesome Episode 09 - Hammering Under Fire: Crafter Roles in RvR
    24. CU launched their new Wiki site today [CU Wiki]. It is still in development and has a long way to go but they are off to a good start if you ask me. You can find it here: http://camelot.gamepedia.com/Camelot_Unchained_Wiki
    25. Here is the new newsletter released today, 5-1-2015 http://us5.campaign-archive1.com/?u=2b70fd18d895dd960141bac55&id=5af368e58b One thing in particular I want to highlight is the new User Story cards used to update development progress in each specific area. Very cool idea. You can find these on the main CU site here
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