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Found 5 results

  1. The Scalebreaker DLC game pack brings two new Season of the Dragon dungeons, expanding upon the events of both Wrathstone and Elsweyr. The Dragons are free from the Halls of Colossus, and now you must deal with the fallout of their release. While these stories are part of the year-long saga, you can enjoy both without having completed either of the year’s earlier content—enjoy! Lair of Maarselok For centuries, Maarselok slept deep in the mountains between Elsweyr and Grahtwood. However, upon the opening of the Halls of Colossus, this monstrous Dragon has awoken, and now threatens to spread his corruption into the domain of the Wood Elves. Only with the help of the Warlock Carindon and the forest spirit Selene can you defeat this terrifying new Dragon! Hunt the great Dragon Maarselok! Moongrave Fane Hidden within a fallen Khajiiti temple, the vampires of the Hollowfang prepare to perform a terrible ritual. Joined by the former Dragonguard Grundwulf, they wish to drain the blood from a captured Dragon! You and your team must fight your way into the fallen ruin and put a stop to their plan before it’s too late. Both dungeons can be attempted in Normal and Veteran difficulties, with a Veteran Hard Mode option available for those looking for a challenge. Brave delvers can discover new rewards up for grabs in both dungeons, too, including new item sets, Achievements, collectibles, and more. PURCHASE DETAILS The Scalebreaker DLC game pack is free for all ESO Plus members and available for purchase for 1,500 crowns from the in-game Crown Store (listed under DLC). https://www.elderscrollsonline.com/en-us/home
  2. Dear Guildies, Just wanted to know how many of us are in Vet 10+ level (or will be soon) and interested in Trials and other End Game Content. Main Spec, Off Spec, Class, Vet Rank, Mumble Setup? Promyse Vet 10 Heals/Heals Sorcerer Mumble is setup. http://dulfy.net/2014/05/22/eso-aetherian-archive-craglorn-trials-guide/ ^ the above link will be beneficial for everyone to review for study and strategy.
  3. I have created this article to help those that wish to know the Pro's and Con's of the special abilities of Vampire vs. Werewolf. I have not purposely posted the URL for this article as it leads to a Gold farming website which I do not support. However the article is spot on with letting you know on what choice to make if you wish. Vampire in PVP Vampire has the excellent starting skills after stealth: passive skills to stun enemy for 3.25 seconds. Passive skills can increase your stealth. What is the most important is that you get the very strong capabilities of regeneration and defense: Drain Essence is the most powerful skill to regenerate and interrupt. The passive adds double resource restoration by 10%. There is another passive skill to create a shield wall (damage reduced by 30%~50%) when your character’s Health is low; the less Health is, the higher damage reduction is. Battlefield is full of so many people that you feed your vampire for a long time. Well, I just mentioned about defense capability… You forget it on the battlefield. As we all know, vampires have less fire resistance. However, half of Dragonknight can cause fire damage and the Templar class can cost skills with fire damage staffs. What’s more, Burning catapults can damage vampires. According to PTS players’ test, vampires have been killed instantaneously even if they wear the fire resistance rings. Therefore, defense is not very useful for vampire on the battlefield. If the above can not persuade you out of defense, there is another point that all of guild skills have a special effect on vampires, which makes vampires say goodbye to PVP. Vampire in PVE Vampires haves Buff in PVE. On the one hand, as the above mentioned, viability can be guaranteed; on the other hand, vampires’ super regeneration capability in PVE means you can release more skills than others. The regeneration capability is stronger at night. Compared with werewolves, vampires do not have to sacrifice their ultimate skills. Apart from challenging spider hold dungeons, it is not too difficult that vampires, as Tank in fights, keep in Phase. If vampires in Phase IV play the DPS or Healer role, they are more powerful. The heavy fire skills in dungeon are AOE basically. Generally, common players can guarantee free fire damage. If you just want to upgrade, you can keep in Phase I. In the fourth Phase, your vampire has to take food after slaying a group of monsters. As long as you don’t swim in Magma and avoid the red circles on the map, vampires are able to fight better in PVE. Besides, The fire resistance of Dark Elf enable to reduce the fire passive effects on vampires. Werewolf in PVP The ESO werewolf is designed like the bear Ursa in Dota. Under helps of teammates in PVP, werewolves are the meat grinder on the battlefield. Werewolf setting is interesting. You will see that a werewolf squad scatter sacked nail in the important places of the battlefield. When enemies sack, werewolves rush into the enemy forces quickly. There is too much poison damage in the game. Compared to fire damage for vampires, the effect poison damage is not very big on werewolves. If your guild skills cause special damage for werewolves, you need to get level 7 passive skills. In fact, such players are not many on battlefield. However, there are too many limitations for werewolf transformation. First, werewolves need to sacrifice the occupation of ultimate skill in skill bar. There is no lack of powerful ultimate class and battlefield skills and you have to weigh. Second, werewolves are fit to melee attack. They play a limited role in some positional warfare and even they are killed by unknown AOE skills. It is within one minute that werewolves transform. It is quite hard to gather 925 ultimate points. Although passive skills can add 5 ultimate points every time hit by enemy, it isn’t certain that werewolves is able to successfully transform in the critical occasions. Fourth, The Stamina Buff is obviously much but Magicka Buff is less. Other classes who are not pure spells have Stamina and Magicka. Thus, for werewolves, it is worth discussion whether you should add more Stamina and less Magicka. Werewolf in PVE According to what PTS players said, the output capability of werewolves transforming is the same as damage that other players’ active skills cause. However, because of the lack of ultimate skills or the high ultimate points, it results in the output damage is less than that of other’s active skills. At this point, I respectfully disagree. There is a problem about werewolf viability in PVE. Werewolves can not cast skill in the condition holding the bodies, while other classes can output damage after they cast life-saving skills. This means werewolves need a quite excellent skill to evade, assuring survival after their transformation. Moreover, there is much poison damage in dungeons. Wood Elf and Argonian may have less passive impact of poison. Conclusion There is no good way for werewolves and vampires to deal with their own weaknesses. Hence, you ought to predict and use reduction skills with short duration. Werewolves perform better than vampires in PVP, but the latter is stronger than the former in PVE. GUIDES: You can find the guide for Werewolves at the http://elderscrollsonline.info/guides/werewolf You can find the guide for Vampires at the http://elderscrollsonline.info/guides/vampire
  4. Hello, All. I’m seeking advice on how to play a Tank. As I understand the role of the Tank, it’s his job to attract the attention of enemies so the DPS players can deal their damage. To do this job well, I think the Tank should have the following: 1) good armor to protect against hits, 2) decent hit points to survive hits, and 3) ability to attract the attention of enemies. I’ve reviewed ESO skills and I’ve made a list of skills I think would benefit and I’d like feedback on this list and recommendations for others to consider. Currently, I am playing a Redguard Templar. I’ve been specializing in one-handed and shield weapon line. SKILLS for the Tank Restoring Light Options Spear Wall – to increase amount of damage Blocked. Reflective Light – to snare nearby enemies so they cannot rush off to attack healer or anyone else. Restoring Aura skills – to increase amount of health and stamina regeneration. Fighters Guild Trap Beast – because it immobilizes undead and daedra enemies. Mages Guild Ice Comet – because it snares enemies in the impact area. Undaunted Inner Beast – forces enemy to attack you. Heavy Armor Immovable – increases armor and spell resistance which will help the Tank survive enemy attacks. Rapid Mending – to increase healing received if wearing heavy armor One-Handed Weapon and Shield Low Slash line – snares enemies to keep them from rushing off to attack other players. Fortress – reduce the cost for blocking. Shield Charge – to get to enemy quickly. Ransack line – Taunts enemy for 15 seconds A few questions. In a fight with level boss, should the Tank attempt to intercept all the smaller enemies with abilities that snare or taunt? Should a Tank save his Magicka and Stamina for abilities that snare or taunt and not worry about damage? Should the Tank attempt to move out of range of boss’s area attacks? Your feedback is greatly welcome. Thanks.
  5. Elder Scrolls Online Chapter Focus CotP is a mature family-style guild with a good mix of gaming styles from the casual to the hard-core, with our focus being to provide opportunities for all our members to participate in end-game events such as adventure zones, exploration and the fight for Cyrodiil. We don't force members to raid or play "x" amount of hours per week. Our community has an established and sustainable mix of style, talent and ability which allows us to accomplish our goals without burning out any particular group. Covenant of the Phoenix Policies: It is the responsibility of each member to read and understand the Guild Charter. Chapter Specific policies: Recruitment - All ranks aside from Recruits can invite players into the guild. Ranks and roles are explained below. It is suggested, but not mandated that every member make efforts to recruit new players into the guild where they can, when they can. Events - Anything from organized world PVP raids, skill book gathering, and adventure zones. These events are post weekly in the raid section. You must be logged in to see this section. Adventure Zones - These are scheduled raids that follow the following guidelines ALL Loot is follows this priority. Main spec upgrade, greed, and all passed gets put into guild bank. Members MUST be able to get on mumble, this makes everything faster for all, even if you can't talk you need to be able to hear. Exceptions are made only in rare cases. The specifics of our raid policies is here. There is no mandatory attendance, If you signed up and unable to make it please leave a post on the forums. Cyrodiil - These are scheduled and unscheduled raids that follow the following guidelines. Large scale events such as capturing keeps can be posted in advance, but not always posted in advance Members MUST be able to get on mumble, this makes everything faster for all, even if you can't talk you need to be able to hear. Exceptions are made only in rare cases. All members partaking in raids within this zone are asked to use their factions mumble channel. This ensures plans and tactics are secure. Other Regardless of faction, we are ALL members of CotP. Behavior unbecoming of a member of CotP will be handle in private by an officer or chapter lead. Since there is only one server there will be a vast assortment of players and play styles. With that said, role playing will be encountered in game and will have their gaming rights respected by every member. Keep in mind when interacting with anyone Roleplaying that Talos Stormcrown, aka Tiber Septum was not even a player in this time of Tamriel's history. This is the second era so most things from Oblivion and Skyrim haven't happened yet. Guild Bank All ranks are able to contribute to the bank, only officers and crafting work groups will have access to withdraw items since everything is useable for crafting purposes. Request for goods can be made to any officer and will be assigned to the correct crafting lead and work group. Contributions to the guild back hold bearing on the request. Guild Market The guild Market is open to all members Recruit and above. Guild Ranks Guild Leader - Chapter Leader Chapter Officer- Chapter Co-Leaders, roles defined below; Faction Leader - Leader of their designated faction. Crafting Leads - Officers that are focused on a specific craft for the benefit of the guild. Officers that are also the go to people with questions, suggests, or advice for their crafting field. Heads their crafts Work group. PVP - Officers that help direct our forces taking part in Cyrodiil campaigns. Raid Leader - Officers that can lead members through dungeons and adventure zones. Bank/Market/Resources - Officers that keep the guild bank straight, manages the guild market, and helps direct gathering needs/requirements. Recruitment - Officers that represent us outside the game, via ESO official forums and other ESO related sites. Soldier - Full members, those that have completed an Application to be a Member and been accepted into the CotP community. Soldiers are encouraged to recruit new people into the guild as they have the power to invite. Recruit - Persons new to the guild that have yet to complete an application. Current Officers (listed by forum name and ESO tag) Guild Leader Eendiwena @Caeadwen Chapter Officers Kirin1623 @Kirin1623 Tinny @The_Tinny Vegihan @Vegihan Byntar @Byntar Liquid Wolf @Liquid_Wolf Oort @XarqOort DarkFrost StarScream Faction Leader Aldmeri Dominion - Kirin1623 @Kirin1623 Daggerfall Covenant- Liquid Wolf @Liquid_Wolf Ebonheart Pact - Damis @Damis Current Officer roles (other then Faction Lead) Crafting Leads: Enchanting - @Vegihan Blacksmithing - Armor - @Darkfrost Weapons - Zakkaj Woodworking - @Caeadwen Clothing - Light armor - @tzindal Meduim Armor @The_Tinny Provisions - @Byntar Alchemy - @tzindal Gathering - @Vegihan PVP Aldmeri Dominion - Daggerfall Covenant - Ebonheart Pact - Raids Aldmeri Dominion - @Konda Daggerfall Covenant - Ebonheart Pact - Bank / Market - / @XarqOort Recuitment -
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