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Found 3 results

  1. Below is the connection info for the new server, PM me via message boards for the PW Name: Eendy's Playhouse IP: Port: 27500 Currently: New Cosena Valley Oxide enabled 18 hours light walk day run night air drop markers on difficulty 4 drop backpack only on death Mod - None Edited: 3/6/19 Updated connection info with A17 experimental Fresh server start.
  2. Name: cotp.7dtd Server IP: Port: 18990 Password: PM one of the following for the password: Damis, Bakath, Grim or Ginger Custom Server Difficulty: 4 Feral mode: No Spawn Rate: Max Loot Abundance: Default Loot Respawn: Default Zombie Horde: Default Zombie Dog Horde: Default Some Biomes are harder than others in which the zombies move faster and are more aggressive.
  3. It's been over 70 days since the virus spread across the globe. For lack of a better word, the scientific community labeled the virus as the zombe viurs. A person infected with the zombism virus is transformed into a single-minded hunting machine, with all changes to bodily functions serving the zombic imperative: locate prey, capture prey and feed. The zombie virus is also known to infect doberman dogs, turning friendly house hold pets into viscous killing machines. Rumor has it that if you stare them in the eye while slowly waking up to them saying "nice doggie" or "you're a good boy, yes, you are." that they won't attack. This Zombie dog trick hasn't been confirmed yet, but I am willing to let Bakath try it. Bakath, Nighthawk and I managed to survive the initial zombie onslaught which had wiped out around 90% of the world's population. We quickly stuffed a few items into our backpacks and headed for the remote forest thinking it would be safer. Boy, were we wrong. In the early weeks we lived a semi nomadic life, staying in caves, abandon buildings and even spots we dug underground. Our first real home was a tool shed made out of sheet metal. The place was small, but it provided shelter long enough for us to build a two story stone building. Around this time Manny and Silver reached our little haven. Manny said our haven wasn't as safe as we thought, so we started harvesting supplies and scouted for a new location. Bakath found a nice stone house with a pool in the South. After living in squalor for the last 2 months, the thought of living in a fully furnished home with comforts sounded very appealing. The decision was made and we are going to try to make the house our new base now. We are in the process of building a stone wall around the home and other defenses. We will try to post some screenshots later. CotP refugees and friends are welcome to join our group or you can form your own group if you want. Rhaen, Azog and a friend have a small settlement in the North.
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