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    Found 7 results

    1. Elric

      Valhalla Maps

      As requested, here is the Valhalla Map: Here are the Spawn Points for the ARK Valhalla map: There are spawn points 1, 2, and 3 for each section, but they are clustered very close together. I also noticed that the map is not always 100% accurate up North, as your map will show you in the water when you are actually on the land.
    2. Pino

      Swamp Castle News

      Lost Dinos ! Trike- 'Triss' lvl 206ish Carno- 'Carnotholestes' lvl 150ish Dodickerous- 'Glyptodont' lvl 167ish Last seen in the company of 12 fat healthy raptors on the southern slopes of Grand Peak, on Deep Island. Multiple tribe mates have flown the area thoroughly with no sighting; so I presume they are inside rocks. No death spawn reported as of this posting. ( buddy's truck broke down, I had to leave the mining crew in the field for a couple hours) Baby Anky ! Throne graciously gave me an egg, it is going to be hatched about 8pm CST tonite. I will have lots of berri
    3. Eendiwena

      Glory Days

      Hail the old Grand Central!!!
    4. Last known location of the dangerous,rogue Lvl 217 Rex: Bye, Pino !
    5. On August 1st, 35 ARK: Survival Evolved teams will be thrown into a single arena for a "Hunger Games" last-tribe-standing PvP deathmatch. The winning tribe will take home $20,000 and other prizes. The event will be streamed live via Twitch. Viewers won't be idle either and will be voting on "world-altering sequences" to take place every half hour that can change the face of battle. Entire article can be found here....ARK: Hunger Games
    6. This one could be a blast.
    7. Hi Folks, Please post your first impressions and of the game.
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